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Postpartum pelvic recovery period how to care for the mother-to-be better!

12 01月
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For women who are desperate to regain their figure, the recovery of the pelvis after childbirth is a priority. However, in the postpartum pelvic recovery period how to care, this is also the need to pay more attention, otherwise, the pursuit of the recovery of the pelvis and body, may actually harm the body.


If the baby is too large, it is best to consider a caesarean section, or appropriate Episiotomy, so as not to cause separation of the symphysis pubis and the surrounding ligament serious injury.

When the pain is severe, the new mother must rest in bed and use a pelvic band to stabilize the pelvis, which will help the pubic bone to recover.

3. Control appropriate weight during pregnancy, excessive obesity will increase the pelvic floor burden and postpartum recovery difficulties.

Prenatal and postpartum pelvic floor muscle movements (Kegel exercise) .

5, postpartum attention to rest, reduce up and down the stairs and take the ramp activities. When you need to walk must pay attention to slow down, the pace can not be too big, to avoid aggravating the pubic bone injury.

6. If persistent symptoms occur six to eight weeks after delivery, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

7. As hormones wear off, pubic pain tends to subside after delivery. If pubic pain occurs during pregnancy, reduce activity or even stay in bed.

8, usually eat more shrimp, oysters and other calcium-rich food, but also under the guidance of a doctor to take drugs for the liver and kidney.

The above is the solution to postpartum pelvic recovery nursing methods, adhere to, implementation is very important, do not be too hasty, give yourself too much psychological burden.

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