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It's worth paying attention! Parents can not do a few things in front of their children

11 01月
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Never speak ill of your lover in front of your children,
complain about the lover lazy, regardless of home, earn less money can not. Always in front of the children to undermine each other, it will make the children feel insecure AH.
Second, pet out of the child is a pet, to let the child have a future, must first let the child take responsibility, participate in housework, to their own things to plan.
At the age of three, you let your child wash his own socks, no matter how clean he is, the main thing is to let him understand that this is their own thing, their own things to do.
3. A mother should never put her child first and treat her child only as a passer-by of the family, because one day she will grow up and create her own small home and live her own life. Only the husband is to spend the rest of your life with your husband, grow old together.
The first parent, the second child, the third, let him know the order of the family.
Fourth, and finally, I want you to always remember that whether your family is a boy or a girl, parents who advocate raising the rich from the poor should be careful not to over-satisfy their children materially.
You give him what he wants, and you do nothing but make him think that he's going to get something out of it as soon as he says it.

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