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Encourage childbirth policy released in many places, Jinan childbirth subsidy 600 yuan per month

11 01月
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In recent years, the new-born population, continued to decline, from last year began to roll out one after another across the country, the new policy to encourage childbearing, today under the summary of local policies.
Jinan announces New Birth Promotion Policy:
"Jinan's implementation plan to optimize the birth policy and promote long-term balanced population development" was published in Jinan. The government actively implemented the second-and third-child birth policy to encourage the birth of a new population and promote long-term balanced population development.
The city will implement a three-child policy in accordance with the law. Families with two or three children born after January 1 will receive a monthly 2023 allowance of 600 yuan per child.
With regard to maternity leave, the woman is entitled to 158 days, the spouse is entitled to not less than 15 days of paternity leave, and parents of infants and young children under the age of 3 are entitled to not less than 10 days of parental leave.
Subsidies, under the age of 3 infant care costs of individual income tax special additional deduction policy. In addition, the child-care fee is subsidized at the rate of 400 yuan per person per month.
Changsha introduced a one-off subsidy policy
On October 13,2022, Changsha issued a circular on issues relating to the granting of child-care subsidies for three children, which provides a one-off subsidy of 10,000 yuan for each child of eligible families with three children (and above) . On 2023 January 10, the Changsha Federation of Trade Unions announced that the Changsha Federation of Trade Unions has innovatively launched a campaign to provide birth subsidies to female workers. Within the scope of the birth policy, for every child they have, a one-time grant of 1000 yuan.
Changchun has introduced a new policy to encourage childbearing:
A Changchun family with two children will have a loan increase of $100,000 on top of the cap. If it's a three-child family, increase it to 200,000. College graduates do not consider the deposit base and deposit years, as long as the deposit account, can give him priority for loans, the maximum limit of 500,000.
Yunnan proposes a policy to encourage child-bearing allowances
"The implementation plan on optimizing the birth policy to promote long-term balanced population development" was published, 2023 that from 1 January to 31 December 2025, a one-time birth allowance of RMB 2,000 yuan and RMB 5,000 yuan for new-born and registered Hukou, and an annual child-care allowance of RMB 800 yuan.
The programme mentioned encouraging local authorities to establish a system of subsidized education for three children. At the pre-primary and compulsory education levels, children from families with many children should, in principle, be placed in the same kindergarten or school.
Heilongjiang offers incentives
A one-off bonus of 20,000 yuan will be given to Da Hinggan Ling Prefecture family members who give birth to their third child. A child-raising allowance of 300 yuan per month for the birth of a second child, and 500 yuan per month for the birth of a third child, until the child reaches the age of 3.
Zhejiang proposes a policy of encouraging subsidies
Zhejiang province has proposed that employers may allow employees who are suitable for telecommuting to work at home and at their work stations within three years of their children's age.
On the housing front, the Chongqing Housing Provident Fund issued a notice on the adjustment of the Housing Provident Fund personal housing loan policy, which proposes that families with many children who have contributed to the housing provident fund apply for personal housing loans, the maximum loan amount for individuals shall be raised to 600,000 yuan, and for couples participating in the loan, the maximum loan amount for families shall be raised to 1.2 million yuan
Although provinces offer a variety of incentives, individuals believe that the key is the benefits of raising children > The cost of raising children;
The main pressure not to have children has no impact on their own quality of life and the quality of life of the elderly, so the policy of increasing incentives to have children is having some effect. The key is to have children will reduce the quality of life of the family, increase family debt, increase the pressure of parents, these also need the state gradually introduced policies!

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