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Is it true that artificial wombs for women are feasible?

08 01月
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In recent years, the global fertility rate has started to fall sharply after some women felt that having children would affect their jobs and feared the pain of childbirth. In 1950, the average woman had 4.7 children in her lifetime, according to The Lancet study. By 2017, the average number of children per woman had dropped to 2.4, and falling year by year.
So at the end of 2022, one of the most controversial topics emerged. It is called the feminine Utopia Ectolife, the world's first artificial womb factory. According to molecular biologist and filmmaker Hashem Al-ghaili, who launched the world's first artificial womb facility, with Ectolife, low sperm counts, miscarriages, and childbirth pains will all be a thing of the past.
Starting with the fertilized egg, parents are free to“Choose the most viable and genetically advantageous embryo,” and their babies will develop and grow without any biological barriers. You can also use the CRISPR-Cas 9 gene editing tool to create your baby's genes directly, easily customizing your baby's eye color, hair color, skin color, physical strength, height and intelligence, make your baby stand out from the crowd. In addition, the EctoLife pod is equipped with a built-in speaker for the baby to play a variety of words and music, easy to emancipate the mother's body, do not need to sit listening to early education. If you want to“Touch” the baby, you only need to wear VR glasses, can feel the baby in real time in the“Womb” kick. And when the process is over and the amniotic fluid fades, the baby can be born from the artificial womb, freeing the woman to give birth completely.
Of course, there are also many claims that in vitro reproduction will corrupt the biological roles of men and women, and that artificial wombs will lead to the complete extinction of gender, even the complete collapse of family values.
But the idea of artificial pregnancy not only gives infertile women the possibility to“Have children”, it also allows them to imagine a different social reality, without having to bear children, be excluded from public affairs. Further, the scientific and technological innovation of the artificial womb can bring about social equality between men and women, thus ushering in a new historical era of the Awakening and liberation of the entire human race.

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