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How much do you know about placenta previa in a pregnant mother?

07 01月
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When pregnant mothers do a prenatal examination, b-ultrasound is a must check items, many pregnant mothers get b-ultrasound report confused, "The placenta close to the mouth of the cervix", what does this mean? In Baidu, the most popular search term is "Placenta previa," which scares the hell out of you if you keep looking back, today we follow the city's northern women and children from the medical point of view together to understand.
What is placenta previa?
Placenta previa is a common cause of vaginal bleeding in the third trimester and is associated with damage to the lining of the uterus. The placenta is located in the lower part of the uterus or covers the Internal orifice of the uterus (less than 2 cm from the inner opening of the cervix) . According to domestic reports, the incidence of placenta previa is 0.24% ~ 1.57% , and there is an increasing trend in recent years.
Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention to placenta previa screening, early detection and early treatment to avoid accidents.
What symptom does pregnant woman placenta previa have?
The typical symptoms of placenta previa are recurrent vaginal bleeding without cause or pain during late pregnancy or labor.
What are the categories of placenta previa?
Placenta previa according to the placental position, can be divided into: complete placenta previa, partial placenta previa, marginal placenta previa.
What effect does placenta previa have on pregnant woman?
Patients with the general situation of the amount of bleeding, if a small number of repeated bleeding, pregnant women prone to fatigue, sleepiness, pale face, palpitations, etc. , massive bleeding may occur shock.
What effect does placenta previa have on the fetus?
Placenta previa bleeding repeatedly, easy to cause premature delivery, part of the placenta previa abruption, pressure so that placental ischemia and hypoxia, easy to cause fetal asphyxia.
What tests are needed when you suspect placenta previa?
Abdominal b-ultrasound examination, the accuracy rate can reach 90% ~ 95% , can accurately locate the placental attachment site, and according to the relationship between the lower rim of the placenta and the internal orifice of the cervix, determine the type of placenta previa, diagnosis of suspected placenta implantation, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, diagnosis of placenta previa, magnetic resonance imaging can be used.
Previa confirmed. Can We leave it?
Because the severity of placenta previa will change with the progress of pregnancy and labor, timely and effective measures to ensure the safety of maternal and infant life.
When is placenta previa the most appropriate to deliver?
Placenta previa is recommended to be delivered before 36 to 39 weeks if there are no other complications, and 34 to 37 weeks if there is placenta implantation.
Can placenta previa give birth naturally?
Complete placenta previa, definitely not a natural birth!
Partial placenta previa and marginal placenta previa may be attempted for natural labor, and the amount of bleeding required by the pregnant woman is not much. Between 37 and 40 weeks of gestation, the whole body is in good condition, the progress of labor is smooth, and it is estimated that labor can be completed in a short time.
How to prevent placenta previa?
Take active and effective contraceptive measures to reduce endometrial damage and Endometritis, avoid multiple births, curettage or induced labor, reduce the rate of cesarean section, prevent infection, female friends planning pregnancy should quit smoking, drug addiction, avoid passive smoking, strengthen the management of pregnancy, timely prenatal examination and correct pregnancy guidance, early diagnosis of placenta previa, timely and correct treatment.

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