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If you don't want winter to come, winter will come

06 01月
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If you don't want winter to come, winter will come.
My mother's hair is very long. My mother is a little girl, too.
Recently, I have not taken Xiao Bao to read well. After dinner, I asked Xiao Bao if he wanted to read. He was having a good time playing with the magnetic film, ignoring me.
I started to play music with a reading pen. He came over as soon as he heard it. Then he began to read. He read three books. After washing up and going to bed, he took several books himself, and kept reading until I accompanied my sister to wash up and soak my feet, and go to sleep obediently.
More than nine o'clock at night, two children have been asleep for a while, the whole world is quiet.
It's easy to get into the habit.
Made rice wine red beans eggs, Xiao Bao said do not like, I said you taste, if you really do not like not to drink, okay.
Not good.
When those red berries come in springtime, Flushing on your Southland branches,.
Xiao Bao asked me: How many sent?
Me: I Don't know. Why Don't you try it and ask him.
Xiao Bao drank two sips, I asked him: know?
“I don't know,” he said. “It doesn't have a mouth. It Can't talk.”.
Xiao Bao is very competitive these days. He has to fight for the first place in everything, especially in eating.
If the normal school is not the first will be angry, once looked at the elder sister to eat up, quickly put his remaining two dumplings. Give it to me, then say I'm full, I'm number one.
I came to see him and said, well, yes, you are the first, and then sister to send a bowl left, he continued to eat dumplings.

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