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Don't quarrel in front of the children

06 01月
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Families in Changsha say: Don't quarrel in front of the children. It's normal for couples to have occasional conflicts, but fighting in front of children can have a huge negative impact on their character. Today, for example, children's education, parents in front of the children quarrel, the children will have any specific impact?A strong sense of insecurity. Children need a sense of security when they are growing up. Because they are still growing physically and mentally, they have little ability to protect themselves and can not access resources on their own. They can only rely on the support of their parents. Therefore, the growth of their children is extremely necessary for a sense of security. Once lost a sense of security, children will feel inferior, weak, pessimistic, and this psychology will even affect the physical development, resulting in a sickly body from an early age. Often, the lack of security comes from parents shouting in front of even the phenomenon of domestic violence, such a sense of family breakdown will bring damage to the child's sense of security.
Irritability and anger. Parents are children's teachers, children's every move is often from the parents who learn. Many parents quarreled in front of their children, swore, and even abused them. Undoubtedly, they exposed the bad side of human nature to their children. When children see this, they will unconsciously learn these behaviors and the bad side, his personality also becomes irritable easily.
Self-pity. The husband and wife quarrels, to the child's harm is very deep, the child can doubt oneself. After all, when many couples quarrel, they will take it to the children, and also chide the children's mistakes, and vent their anger on the children. This kind of quarrel, can let the child become sensitive and vulnerable, and feel oneself is a burden to the family, from then on become self-pitying.

It can be said that the frequent quarrels between husband and wife are really fatal to the children. If a young child to these feelings of insecurity, resentment and pessimism in the heart of the deep-rooted, it is easy to cause children in adulthood have a certain character defects, not self-confidence, things easily lead to pessimism, in the choice of spouse and marriage, will be more do not know how to express their feelings, do not feel the happiness of marriage. So before parents quarrel, please restrain yourself, at least not in front of the children quarrel, really want to quarrel, also try to reason, lower the tone, do not use violence. The most important thing is to build a harmonious and orderly family atmosphere, so that the healthy growth of children.

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