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0-12 months old babies are fed this way! To feed a healthy baby

06 01月
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Do new parents often wonder how much darling should eat each day? He was afraid that Darling wouldn't have enough to eat, that he wouldn't have enough nutrition, and that he wouldn't feel well if he ate too much.

Your Baby's stomach is constantly changing, from the size of a cherry to the size of a grapefruit, so it's up to parents to remember how much milk they need at different ages and feed it to Darling so it's just right.


For infants under 3 months of age, give 500-750 ml of milk daily, about 8-12 feedings, as long as Darling wants to eat, the mother will feed, do not need a fixed feeding time and frequency.

For 4-6 months, limit daily feeding to 800-1,000 ml for 6-8 feedings. Parents are advised to gradually transition from on-demand feeding to regular feeding as the baby ages.

7-9 months of age, as the baby has started to add complementary food, so the milk to start to reduce the appropriate amount of milk, 600-800 ml per day, the number of feeding in 4-5 times.

At 10-12 months of age, as the frequency of complementary feeding increases, the amount of milk is also reduced, although the amount of less but not less than 600 ml per day, can be fed 2-3 times.

If your baby's Poop is watery and frothy and green, your baby is still spitting milk and burping after 6 months of age, there was no change in height.

Then the baby may be over-feeding, this time the baby's nutrition and energy are more than the baby's normal metabolic needs, easy to cause indigestion, obesity and other problems.

Then how to judge the baby full?

After feeding darling several times, she stopped wanting to eat, or sucked and swallowed more slowly, felt refreshed, played better, slept better, darling peed five to six diapers a day, and had a healthy complexion, when the skin is elastic, that means Darling's full.

Parents' parenting behavior is very important for the baby, to ensure a balanced diet, rich nutrition to feed a healthy baby.

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