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Even if your grandson looks exactly like your mother? My Mother-in-law complained that she was not a

06 01月
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The eccentricity of the elders is very harmful to the children's mind! The two mothers-in-law shared that, of the two children, the eldest is more like her husband and the second is more like her, so the mother-in-law's attitude towards her grandson is quite different. She also said in front of the children, "The eldest is really our pure-bred X family, in all aspects and we are very similar to the X family," but the second brother is not"Because the second brother is more like you," which made her silly.

A 2-year-old mother shared a message. She has two children. The eldest looks like her husband and the second looks like her, so the mother-in-law always loves the child who looks like her husband. When two children quarrel, the mother-in-law will make the second child give in. When they eat, they leave the better ingredients to the boss. For example, when they eat crab, mother-in-law will give the crab shell to the boss. Even if she cooked two crabs, she would give the crab shell directly to the boss.


Mother-in-law often said that the boss is very good, good results, but in fact he is in the middle of the above, the second child's results are similar. Mother-in-law always said that the second child"Should be refueling! We should learn more from the boss.". When the boss makes a mistake, the mother-in-law says: "It's OK! Better pay attention next time. It's not intentional." When the second brother makes a mistake, he changes his words, "The child needs to fight! We need to teach him well".

One day, in front of the two children, the mother-in-law said: "Eldest brother is really our pure-bred x family, in all aspects and we are very similar to the X family.". The daughter-in-law couldn't help answering: "Isn't the second son the purity of your family?" The mother-in-law said, "Because the second son is more like you!"

"Recently, mushrooms complained to my mother-in-law about her family's different treatment of the child, probably because the unwanted child looked more like her daughter," the daughter-in-law said. She immediately cursed the mushroom's mother-in-law, said that the elder behavior is strange, the child is the treasure. How could they be treated differently? She also said that children who look like mushrooms look like mushrooms, it's bad to still have such elders. It's a good thing that mushrooms teach children to be filial to their mothers when they grow up. I don't need to pay attention to my grandparents.

Once the post was published, it triggered a heated discussion among netizens. "If a brother or sister disagrees, it is often because of the unfairness of the elders," he said. "Such an eccentric should stay away from her.". However, some netizens said that, "It's eye contact.""Almost all in-laws tend to look more like their children. It's human nature. I've even heard fathers tend to look like their children.".

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