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Is sex after yangkang considered strenuous exercise? How to prepare for pregnancy

05 01月
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As the first wave of New Crown infections eases, speculation and questions about the "after-effects of New Crown" are circulating. One of the most notable topics is gender-related.Is having sex after a neocon considered strenuous exercise? What is the effect of neocon on pregnancy preparation?Does sex count as strenuous exercise


A 2013 study compared 25 minutes of sex for heterosexual couples with 30 minutes of treadmill exercise. During an average sex session, which is one that includes foreplay, the process and an orgasm for at least one of the partners, men burn 101 calories and women burn 69 calories. The same study participants who stood up on a treadmill to complete 30 minutes of endurance exercise at moderate intensity burned more than twice as many calories as they did during sex.

In the traditional sexual lifestyle, where the male is the active party, men burn on average about 5 calories per minute and their heart rate rarely exceeds 130 beats per minute throughout, figures that are far lower than the amount of exercise involved in running.

Therefore, it can be said that in terms of exercise intensity, the average sex life is mild to moderate, not considered strenuous exercise.

Of course, these are just the amount of exercise that comes with a general, common sex life. Everyone has their own wonderful understanding and practice of sex, men are not the necessary active party, foreplay styles and sexual positions can be varied, and the heart rate, as well as energy expenditure, that goes with it can change.

Even if your body is recovering well enough to withstand the exercise intensity of sex, it is better to abstain from sex for a while to be on the safe side.

How a new infection affects sperm quality

Some men have reported impotence and "shrinking" of their reproductive organs after being infected with Neocoron, but science has not yet proven that Neocoron causes impotence. Studies to date have shown that Neocon has no direct effect on either male or female reproductive function, but that sperm quality can be indirectly affected by infection.

Before we talk about the specific effects, we need to clarify what sperm quality specifically refers to.

First, sperm quality includes the concentration of sperm in the semen. A sperm concentration of 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is the normal concentration. If the sperm concentration is lower than that, it will not cause infertility, but it will cause difficulties in conception. After all, the lower the sperm concentration, the fewer "candidates" are available for union with the egg.

Sperm concentration is directly proportional to pregnancy rate

Second, sperm quality includes sperm motility. After entering the body, sperm must have the ability to move and twist forward for a certain distance before they have a chance to unite with an egg. Generally speaking, at least 40% of the sperm in the semen should have good motility in order for conception to be possible. A sperm with 50% motility is considered to be in good condition.

Sperm with good motility and "running" is good quality sperm

The two are not indispensable, but can sometimes complement each other.

For example, some men do not have a high sperm concentration, but the only sperm that are present have a high motility, so that the sperm quality is "small but fine" and they can prepare for pregnancy normally.

In addition, the shape and color of the sperm is also considered to be a reflection of the quality of the sperm, but it is not very important.

How does neoconiosis affect sperm quality?

The New Coronavirus itself does not invade into the semen. However, after infection with Neocon, a persistent high fever leads to an increase in body temperature and the testes become hot along with it. When the testicles become hot, the metabolism is accelerated, and the blood supply cannot keep pace at this time, resulting in a local lack of oxygen and a decrease in sperm activity and number.

However, the damage caused by temperature to sperm quality is not irreversible and does not last long. The cycle of sperm formation, development and maturation in the testes is three months. Therefore, after three months in Yang Kang, men's sperm have almost completed their renewal and sperm quality can basically return to normal levels.

Therefore, it is not recommended that people prepare for pregnancy within three months after yangkang.

Sauna may also lead to a decrease in sperm quality

In addition to infection with yangkang, fever caused by other diseases such as cold can also have an impact on reproductive health.

Men who want to maintain their reproductive health should avoid subjecting their testicles to thermal stimulation: saunas and long hot showers can also have an impact on sperm quality; when holding a laptop in your lap at work, the warming of the computer while it is running can also affect the testicles.

Other factors that affect sperm quality

There are many factors that affect the quality of male sperm.

In addition to high temperatures, the frequency of sex can also affect sperm quality, too high or too low will reduce sperm quality. Bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as chronic stress, damage the quality of sperm while affecting the state of the body.

In 2017, a study conducted by scientists from the United States, Spain, Israel, Denmark, Brazil and other countries found that sperm quality in men in Western countries declined significantly from 1973 to 2011, with sperm concentration decreasing by an average of 1.4% per year, for a total of 52.4% during these nearly four decades.

This can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as changes in lifestyle, increased stress, changes in dietary habits, increased environmental pollution, endocrine effects of chemicals contained in pesticides and drugs, and an increase in average male body fat percentage over the decades.

The research results have attracted the attention of the Western media, some media called it the "male infertility crisis", but some people think that this name some disrespect for men. There are also studies in China that show that Chinese men are also experiencing a steady decline in sperm quality.

The Guardian's report on the "male infertility crisis" in 2017

From an individual perspective, a decline in sperm quality can affect family pregnancy preparation. But from a broader perspective, the focus on sperm quality and male reproductive health has greater significance. On the one hand, declining sperm quality in men may also mean the risk of other male diseases, such as testicular cancer and hypospadias; on the other hand, it not only affects the overall fertility rate of society, but also reflects the impact of modern society and the natural environment on human health.

For a long time, because women have taken on more of the conception aspect, the responsibility for fertility and the causes of related phenomena have been focused on women. This phenomenon has also led to a gender culture of injustice, with women carrying more pressure than they should, and some backward thinking still blames infertility only on women and still believes that the sex of the fetus is determined by the woman, even though science has long proven that it is actually the chromosomes provided by the male sperm that influence the sex of the fetus.

At the same time, male diseases are still sometimes regarded as an unspeakable "male" problem, and male reproductive health is not given enough attention.

Therefore, the prerequisite for scientific preparation for pregnancy, not only after the new Kuan Yang Kang, but at all times, is to first recognize the life given to us by nature in an objective and equal way.

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