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Woman fitting room by a boy lifting the curtain on the hot search! What do you think?

05 01月
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Hello everyone, I'm Dajang Brother! Recently, a female netizen said that she was spied on by a boy while changing clothes in a brand fitting room on the night of the 3rd, and was scolded by her parents and had her phone snatched.

The woman said that just took off the cotton jacket and sweater, wearing only a jersey, there are two small children have been pushing the curtain of the fitting room to the inside, and words to stop it did not work, they shouted outside the parents to control the children, and then argued with the parents outside.


One young boy was so tall that he reached the parent's waist. The other had her hands above her knees and was very strong. In the middle of the argument, the woman intended to take a video to keep as evidence. Just as she was taking the video, the other woman suddenly rushed over and grabbed the phone. "After snatching the phone, they cursed particularly hard, and even called me a special occupation."

The woman said that after the incident, because the other party left first, she did not call the police. But the whole process, she was verbally abused by the other side, and did not get a word of apology. Only the store clerk kept apologizing to her.

For such a thing, Dazhong brother was not at the scene, not good to distinguish between the right and wrong things happen, Dazhong brother would like to talk about when children make mistakes, many parents always use the child is still small, do not know how to find excuses for children, Dazhong brother can not help but ask a question, children do not know how to understand, adults do not know that children's behavior is not the norm, not to stop but to condone, that the fault is not only the child, but the parents It.

The group of children, there are always some "headache" existence, people affectionately call this group of children "bear children". The typical performance of bear children is no manners, no upbringing, and usually there is no "eyesight" of the parents.

Many parents think that children are small is okay, but over time this will harm the child. The parent's overindulgence will make the child feel that everything is taken for granted. The child will always have to grow up, such a character will make the child in the future of society in a lot of "lessons". Even though it is an extreme case of a distorted personality leading to a big mistake, but for the sake of the child not to grow into an annoying person, you should always admonish yourself to prevent it.

The young age should not be an excuse to condone the loss of upbringing of the child.

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