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A boy of 10 years old was diagnosed with white lung, remind: after Yang Kang, there are 3 kinds of c

05 01月
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Some time ago, there was no fear of the Omnicron strain, and most people felt that it was now an upper respiratory disease, just like a cold, and that they would get over it in a few days. After all, experts also call the Omicron strain the "big cold" and even rename it the "new crown cold".


But in recent times, the situation of the new crown epidemic has changed subtly, because many people found that some people around them are hard to "want to euthanize", some complicate myocarditis, some turn to pneumonia, some produce white lung, and even some have left us after being infected with the Omicron strain.

So, people relaxed heart suddenly nervous again, have felt that Omicron strain is not as weak as we thought, it is likely to "bite" as Zhang Wenhong said.

12-year-old boy coughs after contracting new crown, diagnosed with white lung a week later

A 12-year-old boy in Wuhan was accidentally infected with Neocon. Due to the high rate of social infection of the Omicron strain and the fact that there are many patients with potentially infectious diseases in the hospital, the child's parents had the child treated at home to avoid cross-infection in the hospital.

They also felt that infection with the Omnicron strain had become the "norm", so they did not pay special attention to it.

After the child was infected with Neocon, he developed fever and cough, which are indeed symptoms of infection with the Omicron strain.

However, one thing that seems to be different is that after the fever has gone down, the child still has a cough and will have a cough to vomiting and even chest tightness.

All the signs indicated that the child's condition might not be ordinary, so the parents immediately sent the child to the hospital for examination. By that time, a week had passed since the child first started to contract the new crown.

Later, after a systematic examination, the doctor said that the child had now developed pneumonia and that the unilateral lung tissue had turned white in a large area. And parents know such test results, is also regretful.

White lung" should not be ignored, but there is no need to be overly nervous

Some people, after seeing the recent reports about white lung, have been worried that their children will also develop white lung, after all, children's resistance is relatively weak.

Therefore, some parents rush to the hospital for a full set of tests when they see their child develop a cough.

After Xiaozhou saw the report of white lung, she became very nervous, and her child, who had just contracted a new crown, also developed a cough, so she immediately took her child to the hospital.

After coming to the hospital, Xiaozhou was dumbfounded because there were so many people inside the hospital, and as a result, he waited in line for a long time before finally getting his child's turn.

When the doctor finished the checklist, Xiaozhou began to take the child in the queue of various tests, inside and outside the line took most of the day, they went early in the morning, the results until the afternoon is considered to be finished.

The doctor looked at the test results, and then after Xiaozhou's child had some symptoms confirmed and diagnosed on the spot, he gave the conclusion that the child did not have white lung and did not even have a lung infection.

Afterwards, the doctor also warned Xiaozhou that medical resources are very tight at this time, so parents should not "make a fuss" about it, as coughing is a common symptom of Neoplasia, and if everyone comes to the hospital for coughing, it may significantly consume medical resources.

In addition, neo-cough can be cross-infected, and it is very likely that a mild case will become more serious when it is accidentally cross-infected in the hospital.

In other words, if parents or children are infected with neocon and the symptoms are common and mild, there is no need to come to the hospital and home treatment is a better choice.

After hearing the doctor's words, Xiaozhou asked the doctor, out of caution, what kind of symptoms would indicate the possibility of having "white lung" and the need to come to the hospital?

The doctor reminded: the persistence of 3 conditions, suggesting that the lungs may be infected, to pay attention to

The doctor told Xiaozhou, white lung is actually a lung infection to a certain extent, so when the lung infection appears, you need to seek medical attention.

And if the following three conditions occur, we need to promptly go to the hospital for examination to determine whether it is a lung infection, so as to eliminate the production of white lung in advance:.

1) Poor mental state

Children with lung infections often become mentally ill and may appear to be unmotivated and want to sleep. Therefore, parents need to pay special attention when they find that their lively children are significantly quieter than before, or always prefer gum.

2) Increased respiratory rate

The normal respiratory rate of children is: 0~2 months old 60+ times/minute, 2 months old~12 months old 50+ times/minute, 1 week old~5 weeks old 40+ times/minute, more than 5 weeks old 30+ times/minute, if the child's respiratory rate is significantly higher than this normal value, then it needs to be paid attention to.

3) "Cold symptoms" is not good for a long time

If a lung infection develops, some "cold symptoms" will become severe or last longer.

Repeated fever and difficulty in cooling down: If the child has fever for many days in a row, and the fever is not effective when taking antipyretic medicine during the high fever, or the fever comes back soon after.

Chronic, recurrent cough: A cough that persists and may return after a few days of "recovery".

Prolonged coughing: Coughing with significant sputum that gets worse over time and becomes thicker and thicker.

A murmur in the lungs when breathing: Adults can put their ears close to the child's lungs when he or she is breathing, and if there is a noticeable "gurgling" sound when the child is breathing, there may be a lung infection.

If the above symptoms appear, parents need to immediately take their children to the doctor to determine whether it is a lung infection, if so, you need to intervene as soon as possible to treat, to avoid the development of white lung.

Parenting advice

The Omicron strain is not as harmful as the original strain, but it is not harmless. At the same time, we do not need to be overly nervous, we need to keep a healthy mind and look at it scientifically, so that we can maintain the health of our children more correctly and effectively.

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