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Can sanitary napkins be used as diapers for babies? Do this in case of emergency with a baby at home

05 01月
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In life, we always encounter some emergencies, such as the baby's diapers are no longer available, and the child needs to wear to use, then can use sanitary napkins for the baby as diapers? Will there be any harm?

Can sanitary napkins be used as diapers?

Yes, in case of emergency, but not recommended for everyday use!


Why is it not recommended?

1, the water locking effect is different

Sanitary napkins are produced according to the measurement of women's menstrual blood volume, but the amount of women's menstrual blood is much less than the amount of urine of infants and children, so the water locking effect of sanitary napkins is lower than that of diapers, which may cause urine leakage if used for babies.

2、Breathability is different

The breathability of sanitary napkins is worse than diapers, and the baby's skin is very delicate, so if you wear and use them for a long time, it may cause local eczema in the baby.

Is there any harm in using sanitary napkins instead of diapers?

There is no harm to your baby if you use sanitary napkins as diapers, so you can use them in an emergency.

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