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Parents please note: How to choose children's masks? Children's masks that meet the new national sta

05 01月
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Nowadays, Omicron mutant strains are more contagious and spreading faster, so it is important to protect children and strengthen hygiene protection as the first line of defense to reduce the probability of infection. Do not take children to crowded places, adhere to exercise to enhance physical fitness, vaccination against the new coronavirus, but also to choose a more suitable mask for children to make the first line of defense more solid.


"There are so many types of children's masks on the market, so many patterns, how can I choose the right children's mask?"

For parents concerned about this issue, recently Kangaroo doctor product manager Zhang Jingyu in an interview, gave a very professional answer.

Manager Zhang mentioned in the interview that as early as May 6, 2020, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration (Standards Committee) officially released GB/T38880-2020 "Children's masks technical specifications" recommended national standards, the standard specifies the basic requirements applicable to children's masks from 6 to 14 years old, so parents can buy masks that meet the new national standards.

Kangaroo doctor's children's health mask not only conforms to GB/T38880-2020 "technical specifications for children's masks" standard, its protection, comfort and safety have strict requirements, the particle filtration rate is not less than 90%, bacteria filtration rate is not less than 95%, considering the respiratory characteristics of children's physiological development stage and the imperfect development of cardiopulmonary function, children's health mask requires ventilation resistance is not higher than 30Pa. In the current special environment, a strong line of defense is constructed for children's health.

Then the question arises! How to choose the mask for 1-6 years old babies?

Don't be in a hurry! Although there is no clear national standard for children's masks for 1-6 years old, they can meet the daily health protection by recognizing the medical masks produced by big enterprises, regular platforms, selecting the right size and meeting the requirements of the new national standard.

Which is better than children's medical surgical masks and children's hygiene masks (W)?

In response to this popular topic, Manager Zhang gave detailed advice, "Daily travel protection, wearing medical surgical masks, children's hygiene masks are available, and it is more recommended to choose children's hygiene masks that meet the new national standard."

It is worth mentioning that the ventilation resistance of children's hygiene masks below 30 Pa is more friendly to children's breathing experience, so it is a better choice.

Another issue that parents are concerned about is whether children need to wear N95 masks?

Manager Zhang said that N95 masks are not necessarily suitable for children to wear on a daily basis. Firstly, the ventilation resistance of N95 masks is as high as 300 Pa, which may not be suitable for children's heart and lung development. Secondly, the strong fit type is the key reason for the high protective power of N95 masks, it is difficult for children to adhere to strict wear, N95 masks are not worn, equal to not wearing. Finally, as of now, China has not introduced children's N95-related implementation standards, the market is a mixed bag of products.

In the special environment, how to buy safe and effective, high quality children's masks?

First of all, be sure to buy masks in the formal platform, should focus on checking the product standards indicated on the mask packaging, check whether the outer material of the mask is soft and comfortable, secondly, use scissors to cut open, check whether it is three layers, whether there is melt spray cloth. Finally, be sure to choose a suitable mask according to the child's age size and face shape.

After the full liberalization, children's daily protection to pay more attention, so parents in the choice of masks for children, should give full consideration to whether it is suitable for children's physical characteristics, choose masks in line with the new national standard, to effectively protect the health and safety of children.

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