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Which is safer, Darling, to bring to Grandma and Grandpa or to Grandma and Grandpa

04 01月
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More and more young people are making the right choices. Darling is staying at her grandparents' house, and few of them are looking for grandparents to take care of the baby.

Because, the next generation of pro-matter, only between grandparents and grandchildren only.


Baby to grandparents with this matter, the vast number of rural young couples experience, itself is one after another the most bloody lessons.

Several young couples who lost their children in our village have a common history of blood and tears. That is because Grandma was careless with the baby, ... Lead to the baby by the door of the motorcycle speeding through the death, by the end of the Alley Creek and well drowned, was abducted by the bad guys never heard from...

In short, Grandpa and Grandma take the baby died all kinds of strange, and Grandpa and Grandma Help Take the baby, all kinds of health, safety, happiness and happiness.

Do grandparents not love their grandchildren? No! Also Love also heartache.

However, the grandparents felt that this was their grandson, and outsiders would not gossip if they did not take such good care of him. Therefore, they allowed their grandson to eat and sleep in a filthy manner, and he could throw and throw as much as he wanted.

If they were half-grown children who were already sensible, it would not be a problem to bring them up like this. The key point was that those who died accidentally because they were not careful enough were all infants who had just learned to walk. They did not know the depth or the risks.

And look at Grandpa and Grandma take grandson, grandson how to follow every day, in the eyes of Grandpa and Grandma are guests, are the most important responsibility. That was why the grandparents brought their grandsons and grandsons here. They had to be as careful as possible. They had to be as careful as possible. Even if they lost a little bit of weight, they had to make up for it with all kinds of delicious food and drinks. They must not let their son-in-law's words get in the way.

When the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, most do not deal with, so it is natural to anger at the grandson. And when the mother-in-law of the most important son-in-law, son-in-law came to kill chickens and ducks, good treatment of grandchildren is a natural thing.

A new parent's young friend, give the child to his grandparents, after all, grandparents love the child is selfless, unrequited, meticulous, flawless.

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