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Smart Darling, some of the characteristics of the three-year-old can see, come to see how many of yo

04 01月
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Love to laugh

They say that a girl who loves to laugh can't be too unlucky. Darling who loves to laugh is also a smart little guy! Love to laugh baby is often very cheerful, lively personality. A University of Washington study found that babies who laugh early and often are smarter, so parents should try to make darling laugh more often.

The eyes have God and spirit

Smart Baby, often can reflect from the eyes. A wise darling will have bright eyes, this “Deity has nothing to do with the size of Darling's eyes, but with agility and agility. Such baby often brain thinking will be more sensitive, quick reaction. And the earlier your baby likes to look around with his eyes, the better the brain development, there is a strong cognitive ability.


Overweight at birth

Darling's birth weight was also linked to intelligence, with babies who were overweight at birth tended to have higher iqs. Heavy baby in the mother's belly to get adequate nutrition. If the baby's weight is too light, indicating insufficient nutrition intake in the womb, the body may be poor, will affect the growth and development of the baby. Of course, the heavier the better.

Active and energetic

It's not uncommon to hear parents say to their children, “Except for sleeping at night, there is hardly a quiet moment during the day, and you know exactly what it is to be tired.” In fact, this is an important performance of smart babies, the brain is active, so I'm interested in everything.

Higher concentration than their peers

0-to 3-year-olds usually have short attention spans, but if Darling is more focused than his peers, plays with a toy for a long time, and takes it very seriously, Congratulations. High concentration of the baby, can fully mobilize the brain thinking, and problem-solving performance, learning life in the future is also very helpful.

Good memory

Some babies have a very good memory, even if they are young, but there are some things that Darling remembers after only being taught once by their mother. While smart people tend to have excellent memories, if Darling has the advantage of a good memory, it's even more important for mothers to take care of it.

How many of the above six did your baby get?

However, whether Darling is naturally intelligent is only one aspect, each child has its own strengths and weaknesses, nurture is also very important.

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