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After the yang, I immediately see the true face of the people around! Since the sun, but a lot of so

04 01月
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Have you found, completely let go before, everywhere is a quiet good years, prosperous peace.

And after you let go, especially after everyone turns into the sun, you'll find that not only physically, but the people around you, the world around you, seem to change as well.


In the past, the pillow people, such as shadow with the companion, like a different person;

The neighbor who looks up but doesn't look down also reveals a side you never thought of;

Even those who do not cross the strangers, and you have formed an inextricable link.

Nothing has changed, everything has changed again.

Many people feel the most sentence is:

“Since the sun changed, I've become much more awake and I've seen a lot of people.”

Why Not?

They say to look at a man, look at his lowest point.

And really know a person, don't look at what he usually said, but to see you Yang after, what he did.

After the release of the epidemic, is the most real monster mirror.

Arguably, there is nothing like this release to examine your marriage.

Some men, do not look at the usual home he will only ge you lie, children do not care, do not do housework.

But once his wife Yang, he immediately played the role of the pillar, carrying tea and pouring water, busy inside and outside, simply changed a person.

A man in Shangqiu, Henan province, put on a gas mask as he went on a shopping spree to keep his wife and children indoors, increasing the risk of infection.

But he did not expect, in order to give his wife and children block the virus, he was unfortunately recruited.

The Casual Companion of the day, the critical moment, but a sudden change, has become your patron saint.

But some marriages, in the face of this epidemic, are not so lucky.

A woman in Heze, Shandong province, experienced a heart-piercing scene.

In her just appeared after the positive symptoms, in order to avoid implicating her husband, overnight with her mother-in-law and two-year-old children, the first time to escape.

What was even more infuriating was that when the woman forced herself out of bed the next morning, she found that the only thing left in the room was a half-black rotten pear, except for a banana that had already been peeled.

See her husband in his yang, not only do not take care of, but also the home all the food looted, the woman could not help but sad grievance, wailing.

When she asked her husband why he did it, she thought he would find it in his heart to accuse her:

“I take away the fruit is the child likes to eat, I do not take him to eat what?”

“You're dying, and I'm not leaving without my kid. You're gonna infect him?”

“You think only of yourself, not of your children. You are so selfish.”

See, usually nothing, you still think that he is a partner, but once endangered his interests, he to protect themselves, will not hesitate to push you into the fire pit.

In some marriages, the relationship becomes more distant when the couple is alone.

At this time the body pain does not say, the heart will also encounter great trauma, but also leave a shadow.

Want to drink water have to burn, want to eat fruit have to cut their own, want to eat have to do their own.

No one to take care of, no one to rely on, perhaps, the other side will rob you of medicine.

A man in Shaanxi province fell to the floor in front of his bed after being infected with an intravenous drip.

His wife filmed him as he fell ill, but was reluctant to take care of him, and even said, somewhat exasperated:

“If you had been nicer to me, I wouldn't have been like this.”

I have to say, the post-epidemic era, is the marriage of the most real mirror.

Whether you're marrying a man or a ghost, that's for sure.

If It's not Yang, you may never get a chance to see your partner clearly.

After the release, some people in order to meet the need, regardless of the lives of others, crazy hoarding drugs.

Let those who really need medicine to save lives, no medicine to buy.

And some people, but their only fever medicine, to have never met strangers.

Ms. Tang of Shanghai, whose family is in Duyang and no one can cook, ordered five takeaways at a stretch, with a note on the order:

“The whole family has no food to eat, please send.”

The shopkeeper saw this special take-out and without a word sent 4 of the ibuprofen capsules that his father had sent him for backup.

This move, not only warm Ms. Tang's family, but also warm the whole winter.

What is even more touching is that a mother in Zaozhuang, Shandong province, lives alone with her young child, both of whom are now positive.

At this time, the neighbors Ms. Sun a family of four duty-bound to stand out.

Not only carefully take care of mother and son's daily life, put the cooked food on their windowsill, but also to help buy supplies, take delivery.

The Glory of human nature, in this moment was shown incisively and vividly.

However, the more difficult the moment, the more a person can test.

A pharmacy owner in Heilongjiang decided to give away free medicines to the public.

In the line to get medicine, the crowd, a man took advantage of the shop owner did not pay attention, directly grabbed a handful of medicine ran away.

However, none of the citizens who received the gifts stood up to uphold justice and help to chase down the robbers.

Everyone is cold and callous, looking at all this numbness, as if nothing had happened to continue to wait for medicine.

This scene, so that the store owner very cold, he shouted angrily:

“What else can I give you? Can I give you my life?”

Some people for a few pills, has lost the moral bottom line, the ugliness of human nature in plain sight.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a positive woman, saw a male neighbor in the owners group medicine, kind she promised to give each other a few fever medicine.

However, she Surprise to be violently kicked in and verbally abused by her male neighbor for not coming down the stairs in time to open the door for the man who had come to pick up the medicine.

When the woman explained that she was dizzy and did not hear, the male neighbor shouted back:

“Then why are you still standing here? Why aren't you dead?”

It's hard to imagine how much regret a woman must have felt, how cold-hearted.

But she did as she was told and gave it to him.

Seeing this man's infamy, I couldn't help but think of that sentence:

“What you have done is worthy of today's suffering!”

Such a person, I believe that no one will help him in the future.

Human nature, often the most untested.

Especially when the virus is present and everyone's life is seriously threatened.

The more you are free, the more warm-hearted, the more he feels justified, the more ungrateful.

In“I am not the drug God,” Zhang says:

“I have sold medicine for so many years, but there is only one disease in the world: Poverty! There is no cure for this disease, and neither can you.”

Poor Heart, even if you give him a great gift, his eyes can see, only his own.

And let go this time, these people poor heart, as well as the ugly human nature, according to a clear.

Many people, after the sun, can only lie in bed, like moaning monster that whine.

Some, however, are not so lucky.

They have to go to work as usual.

Because the boss said:

“Anyone who doesn't have a fever has to come back to work.”

If you go, you can only compromise yourself.

But if you don't go, it will be wronged, is the whole family.

Finally, to support your family, you have to go to work with a runny nose and even a fever.

Compared with these migrant workers, those who still have to work after the yang health care workers, their world is more full of helplessness.

A male doctor himself is also Yang, with a high fever, but because the hospital staff is not enough, still insist on seeing a doctor.

He thought he could hold up, but he fainted directly on the desk and passed out.

Fortunately, there are patients to report timely, otherwise the consequences can not be imagined.

When you go to the hospital, you will find that the doctors who treat the patients as usual, they act as if nothing has happened, but in fact, they are just hanging on.

A emergency physician who was positive but had to go to work as usual was struggling to cope with the pain.

A concerned word from the patient, “Your condition seems to be failing,” made the doctor cry like a child, aggrieved and touched.

This scene, sad, helpless.

Every tears in the sheep carrying the weight of the people, they are not painless, but in endure.

Although some people pity, some empathy, but ultimately no one can replace you pain, can shoulder the responsibility for you.

You can only swallow the bitterness, as always to play your role.

This is the way of the world, the way of adults.

More cruel than the virus, more cruel than the reality.

In an JIA, Fang Sijin once said:

“On the back of every dress, there is a hole that has been inadvertently ripped.”

Let Go, tear open the true face of life, you will find that every adult with a smile, in fact, the heart is riddled with holes.

Once infected, let us see through the people around the ruthless, but also see their responsibility;

An open, let us insight into the world, but also experience the warmth of the world;

An epidemic, let us appreciate all sentient beings, but also the sentiment of the individual sad.

Even if thousands of helpless, speechless, but we finally know what is worth cherishing, what should be given up.

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