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An epidemic let everyone know the importance of children, do not give birth to old really very sad

04 01月
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This epidemic has taught many people the importance of having children

After this epidemic, many people have figured out how miserable it is to be sick and have no one around!

The virus tortured people lying in bed weak, no one to serve tea and water is how poor, if you are not careful, a fall, can not get up, to put it mildly, a person died in the house without anyone knowing.


Yet everyone chooses not to have a baby at this moment

If you don't do the nucleic acid, there are many positive patients on the street now, and you can't go out, you may be infected, as long as one person in the family is accidentally infected with the new coronavirus, it is possible for the whole family to be hit together.

Middle-aged people have a stronger resistance, some have to survive a few days, the family of the elderly and children, the elderly, if they are well, can be vaccinated in advance, then if the family has children under 3 years old can do (the provisions of the children under 3 years old is not vaccinated)?

At this time, it is estimated that there will be a lot of people, in advance to consider the situation will occur, so we will try to choose not to have a baby at this stage, so as not to bring trouble.

In fact, people are afraid of having a baby at this moment to drag themselves, drag the family, more suffering children

Netizen: No one wants to carry a big belly in October to get a few new crowns, whether the fetus has no impact, is an afterthought! It's not good to have a fever of 39 degrees, weakness, only a cesarean section! Once the child is born, you can't keep wearing a mini version of kn95 mask.

In the past, when there was no epidemic, some people would think that it is good to have more children, whether they become successful or not, as long as they are of good character, a large number of people happy and lively is also happy.

Now that we understand the laws of survival and the people who are living like ants, it turns out that it is right to have fewer children at this time, the epidemic affects the unknown future, you can't protect him or give him high-dimensional cognitive guidance, but only let them eat the pain you eat from beginning to end again.

The new crown is said to have little effect on children

There is no need to panic, according to the advice of national epidemic prevention and control experts: a large number of infection data show that children generally have a lower rate of infection and morbidity to the new crown virus than adults, and the disease can recover in 3-5 days, and rarely invades serious illnesses such as pneumonia.

The four main symptoms of children infected with Neocon are: fever, cough, malaise, vomiting and diarrhea, etc. It also takes only a few days to recover.

Not to have a baby, it is said to be miserable in old age

Today brush shake, brush to a nurse said: their hospital just lived in a fifty-year-old uncle, not married, sick in the hospital inside a person treatment, and finally, due to serious illness is not treated, a person died alone in the hospital, let people sigh.

At the end of the video, the nurse said that people must get married and have children, otherwise it is miserable when they die.

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