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Parents who are always consumed by trivial things are the root cause of misfortune in the family of

04 01月
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A few days ago saw the news # sister spilled soup pot 5-year-old sister's legs were burned # , sister did not realize her sister was scalded by hot water serious, but want to mop the first time, trying to clean up the“Trouble” scene.

Those of you who have gone through this experience will know what it's like to be a little girl, with her limbs shaking, her brain buzzing, and her heart pounding with fear, because she's going to face more than one parent beating and punishing her like crazy.


Xiao Bian could not help but feel pity. There are too many such children in China. They are always scolded and beaten by their parents because of a small matter or for no reason. They grew up in a family atmosphere of high pressure and internal friction, they are afraid to resist, afraid to express their displeasure, and they gradually become robots of emotional loss and apathy.

The family that was originally a haven did not bring them a sense of warmth and security, resulting in their sensitive and low self-esteem. They did not learn how to get along with others, coupled with the long-term tension in their nerves, let them walk on eggshells at home, outside and unable to integrate into the collective, long-term accumulation of negative energy so that they suffer from depression at a young age, destroyed the originally very good life.

So, like because of the family small internal friction of parents are what?

Parents who are always at loggerheads over small family issues are mostly weak and irresponsible. They can't shoulder their responsibilities as parents. They don't know how to raise their children. They only treat their children as a burden and a burden, if things go wrong, blame it on the children; they may be extremely submissive to the outside world, even if they are deceived and do not dare to say anything, only at home to the weak and helpless children shouting.

Most parents, who are always at loggerheads over family matters, don't know what is right and wrong. They value family status and the right to speak. They treat their children as accessories and slaves, poor families treat their children like donkeys. At a young age, it's easy for them to do the housework, do the laundry, and Cook. The good name of a good family is to raise poor children to exercise their mind, in fact, the deliberate use of money and material control of children, to meet their desire to control children.

Most of the parents who are always at loggerheads because of family trifles do not know how to be a human being. Most of these parents do not have a beautiful original family either. They have not been loved and educated by their own parents, when I grew up, I didn't improve myself. I refused to apologize and make up for it even though I hurt my children. I liked to use“My parents did the same to me” as an excuse for myself.

Most of the parents who were always at each other's throats because of family trifles did not know how to plan their lives. Such parents had no mind and no structure. Not only did they muddle through all day and not want to make progress, they don't give advice about their children's future. Not only do they fail to provide resources for their children, but they also occasionally stress the hardships of their hard lives and engage in moral kidnapping of children.

Finally, what should we do when we meet such parents?

If unfortunately have such parents, we can only strive to be strong and independent early, do not be the negative energy of the parents erosion, learn to vent their own emotions, or suffer the suffering of their own suffering.

If you are unlucky enough to have such parents, do not think of changing them, and do not hold out any kind of hope for them, unless they have an epiphany, no matter how many years have passed, none of them will change.

If you are unlucky enough to have such parents, you must draw a line between them in life and spirit, and try to build a real home with your own hands, a home that is very different from your original family, a truly loving and warm home.

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, have the ability to get rid of the original family, come on, please believe in yourself!

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