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The whole family was infected with the new crown, children with a high fever of 39.5 ° C, do not wan

24 12月
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The outbreak came very suddenly, and it only took three days for everyone in the family to test "positive" for antigen after the "baby's mother" had a fever. "The only thing I was thankful for was that I was an asymptomatic infected person.

We took certain preventive and control measures after the fever of the "child's mother", but with little success.

The first two days were basically spent in high fever, and the whole day was basically spent sleeping, and even drinking plain water was very little (we also did a lot of homework after the release). We have done a lot of homework after the release, experts have said to drink more water to speed up metabolism, but really to that time there is no desire to eat).


Meals: The usual three meals were placed at the door, and I disinfected the door after the "child's mother" had taken them. After the meal, the dishes need to be disinfected with alcohol and then washed, and the clean dishes are scalded with boiling water and placed separately to avoid cross-infection. Some people may think that there is no need for this, but there are two children in the family had to be careful.

Public areas: the most difficult to control can be said to be the toilet, after spending the initial period of high fever need to drink a lot of plain water, so the toilet to be much more frequent than before, the public bathroom disinfection is the focus (two toilets do not have to consider so much), after each use I will basically use 75% alcohol to disinfect the toilet, faucets, door handles, before going to bed with a high concentration of 84 disinfectant to disinfect ( Note that too high a concentration of 84 disinfectant can cause damage to the mucous membrane of the throat, do not enter immediately after disinfection), and wipe with a paper towel that has been sprayed with alcohol in the morning.

I had no symptoms other than occasional coughing, but I tested positive for nucleic acid, so I guess I am an asymptomatic infected person. The first to show symptoms were the second and then the oldest. "The main symptoms were aches and pains and a dry cough.

My heart was broken when I saw the children with persistent high fever, and I could not wait to bear the torture myself instead of them, even if I had to suffer twice as much. The family has a certain amount of antipyretic medicine, but the child started a fever to go down for two hours, two hours after the fever came up.

Seeing the bedridden family, the new coronavirus is far from being a cold, and three years into the fight against the epidemic, someone still underestimated the pathogenicity of the "new coronavirus". Without large-scale nucleic acid testing and rigid quarantine, there is no telling how many "sheep" are flowing around.

Share our experience after the Yang these days, I hope that for the screen in front of you never need

Must maintain a good state of mind, the first few days of their own really a bit of a breakdown of the feeling, no wonder someone online because of the child's fever medicine in the road collapse to tears, when people's emotions tighten to a certain extent a desperate news will let people spirit instantly collapse, so must maintain a good healthy state of mind, there is an adult if the symptoms are not very serious recommended not to eat fever medicine, you can leave the fever medicine to the child This is not a solution. I don't know when the medication began to be divided into adults and children, and children's obviously much more expensive than adults, I remember when I was a child cold medicine is the same as adults eat, only that time to break the pills to eat.

As far as possible physical isolation, we have a family of four in groups of two, go to the toilet will be about half an hour interval, and self-sterilization, prepared for the child is a plastic bottle, the task of cooking by me asymptomatic infected, craft does not matter because what to eat no appetite, serious even no sense of taste, individuals still recommend light mainly, drink porridge, boil the rice rotten so that it is also the mouth, the middle and late After all, not eating is not conducive to the recovery of the body's immune system, and a reasonable diet is the best way to recover quickly.

The main manifestation of the late stage is a sore throat, which can't cough up phlegm, or even cough up blood. Some people can still last for a few days after a positive nucleic acid test, which is directly related to the level of immunity of the individual.

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