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Do you know everything there is to know about women's health? Women must know the health knowledge!

22 12月
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Women's health knowledge includes understanding of the female reproductive system, away from breast disease, healthy life away from gynecological diseases and regular medical check-ups.

1. Understanding the female reproductive system: in order to be able to protect their physical and reproductive health, women should first understand their own reproductive system. Female reproductive organs mainly include external reproductive organs and internal reproductive organs in two parts. 

2. Away from breast disease: breast disease for women is a frequent and common disease, the incidence rate is higher, and shows a younger trend. Therefore, women friends should learn to breast self-examination, do a good job of breast maintenance, pay attention to the prevention and treatment of breast disease, for breast disease early detection and early treatment.

3. Through the healthy way of life away from gynecological diseases: timely correction of long-time sedentary, excessive cleaning of private parts, blind diet and other unhealthy lifestyle. It can effectively prevent many kinds of gynecological diseases by cultivating good behavior habits such as proper exercise, reasonable diet, regular daily life and good mentality. 

Four. Regular physical examination: regular physical examination can not only help women friends in a timely manner to diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, but also to do a good job of some reproductive system malignant tumor early screening work.

Commonly used examination items include cervical smears, leucorrhea routine examination, electronic colposcopy. In order to reduce the incidence of various diseases and improve the quality of life, we should protect our health from many aspects of life.


Seven signs of women's Health

1. Clear urine

Relatively clear urine

If you have to urinate several times a day and your urine is yellowish, not dark, it means you are well hydrated and your kidneys are healthy, and completely colorless urine means you are overhydrated, it causes the body to lose important salts and electrolytes.

Normal stools

Although the stool shape, color, but as long as there is no blood, especially thin or extremely hard, there is no big problem. If the defecation is very regular, smooth, that the diet intake of enough fiber, the digestive system works well.

3. Keep Your Weight Steady

Keep Your Weight Steady

In addition to being too thin and obese, constant weight is an important indicator of health. Consult your doctor if there is a significant change in weight, whether it is a gain or loss.

4. Wounds heal quickly

See your doctor if small cuts, minor burns take a long time to heal, or minor stress causes unexplained bruises. If the wound is easily healed, the ability of the blood to clot, the ability of the white blood cells to kill bacteria, and the health of the blood vessels are all good.

5. No lesions in hair and nails

The skin system, including hair and nails, is the"Indicator" of vitamin deficiency. Hardness is not enough, easy to bend nails, large pieces of hair to go to the hospital to find out why. And frizzy, split ends are usually not associated with health.

6. Your menstrual cycle is normal

Normal menstrual symptoms are a sign of reproductive health. The pain is unbearable, irregular, bleeding is long-lasting, excessive amount of bleeding should consult a doctor.

7. Sleep Is Sweet

Many people are sleep-deprived and occasionally suffer from insomnia, which is normal. If there is no night sweats in deep sleep symptoms, will not be the desire to go to the toilet wake up, wake up feeling very relaxed, indicating the quality of sleep is good.

Seven things women should know about health


Don't dye your hair more than twice a year, do a skin test before you dye your hair, don't use hair dye for more than half a year. If you're after fashion, it's best to choose local bleaching. In addition, scalp wounds, chronic disease is about to become pregnant or pregnant women should not dye their hair.

Don't dye your hair more than twice a year


Eat more wheat, milk, lean meat, vegetables, because they contain rich b-group elements, in addition, do not wear contact lenses, easy to cause corneal edema due to hypoxia.

3. The Nose

Female menstruation should be away from the more polluted places, or too hot and cold environment. Maintain aerobic exercise for at least 3 times per week for 1 hour or more.


The best way to protect against UV rays is sunscreen, SPH15 and above on it, choose lipstick best do not choose pearlescent, because they contain more harmful metals.

The best way to protect against UV rays is sunscreen

5. Breasts

If you can avoid abortion, try not to do, the best bra is cotton, too much lace although you make more sexy, but may also hinder your breast secretion, eat more corn, pumpkin and radishes.

6. The Heart

Moderate weight loss, egg yolk can only eat two a week, moderate drinking, drinking a can of beer every week 355 milliliters or a glass of 250 milliliters of wine.

7. Lungs, bladder and kidneys

Don't smoke if you can quit. Make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Every two or three hours to urinate, wear cotton underwear, otherwise it will prevent the air circulation and the growth of bacteria.

Third, the female menstruation period notice

Eat less raw and cold food

Often eat raw and cold food, easy to cause blood stagnation, resulting in delayed menstruation, menstrual blood too little, dysmenorrhea. Even in the hot summer, should also eat less cold and raw food.

Eat more iron-containing foods

Anemia will cause metabolic abnormalities in the body, easy to make less menstrual period, and even amenorrhea. Therefore, usually eat some iron-containing food, such as animal liver, egg yolk, spinach, red dates, cherries, etc. , to help improve anemia symptoms is an effective means of conditioning menstruation.

Usually eat some iron-containing food, such as animal liver, egg yolk, spinach, red dates, cherries and so on

Don't work too hard before and after your period

During menstruation resistance is weak, should pay attention to keep warm and rest. It's easy to get sick if you work too hard.

4. Be Happy

Good mood is conducive to the enhancement of human immunity, and long-term in depression, anger, sadness and other adverse emotions, will lead to endocrine disorders, easy to cause menstrual disorders.

"Aunt" is a barometer of every woman's health, once abnormal, health was threatened, it should be timely conditioning, do not delay.

Fourth, the abnormal performance of female aunt

1. The cycle is too short

The normal menstrual cycle is 28-35 days, if less than 21 days, can be considered too short cycle. The causes of this phenomenon may be: ovarian degeneration, uterine fibroids, endocrine and so on.

The normal menstrual cycle is 28-35 days

2. Smelly

In the physiological period, menstrual blood may have some bloody taste, as long as the frequent change sanitary napkin, frequent bath, there should not be obvious smell. If not, it is likely to suffer from gynecological inflammation, especially vaginitis or cervicitis.

Color anomalies

Normal menstrual blood color is dark red, if bright red, menstrual volume may be more, which is on fire performance; and the color is too deep, indicating the body has cold. This is not normal, need to recuperate as soon as possible.

All said that the body is the capital of the revolution, can be seen to have health is everyone is very concerned about things, so we usually want to know more about these small knowledge of health! Hope the above-mentioned health knowledge and maintenance of these women, can help the majority of women friends guard health, but also remember to share to the good friends around Oh!

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