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“Most Cow” quadruplets: 10-year-old began to learn arts, admitted to the same famous school also liv

20 12月
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People around me do not think so, they know that I am twins, often ask me some strange questions.

“Are you like your brother? Are You Close? Do you always wear the same clothes when you go out?”

Every time I hear such a question, I have a big head, can only reply.


“In fact, a family with multiple births is no different from a normal family. There are only a few more people!”

The twins are so, not to mention the triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets.

In Shandong, there is such a family, the mother gave birth during pregnancy, even gave birth to quadruplets.

What's more, the quadruplets have been learning dance together since they were children, and then they have been admitted to the same prestigious school and live in the same dormitory.

Quadruplets are joined wherever they go, like“Conjoined twins”.

The most admirable, of course, are their parents, can bring them up, eat how much pain can be imagined.

Today, we will talk about the Shandong quadruplets, “Ice Jade Clean” story.

In 1998, Shen Fujun, who lives in Heze, Shandong province, did not expect his wife to find out she was pregnant with quadruplets when she underwent a prenatal check-up.

You know, the probability of multiple pregnancy is very small, even twins, the probability is about 1% .

In our country, pregnant women, the probability of pregnant twins, only 0.6% .

That's just twins. If It's quadruplets, the odds drop to 1 in 700,000.

That's one in 700,000 pregnant women giving birth to quadruplets.

This shows how rare quadruplets really are.

After the news of Shen Fujun, both happy and worried.

Happily, I was about to become a father of four.

The worry is, with their own ability, can let them lead a good life?

It is reported that Mr. and Mrs. Shen Fujun are ordinary workers, wages are not high enough to support a child.

But a breath raise four, it seems to be a little hard up.

Soon, in Shen Fujun's concern, his wife Yang Ping pregnant for October, gave birth to four daughters.

Looking at the baby in the swaddling clothes, Shen Fujun's worries disappeared in an instant.


“No matter how hard or tired my children are, I will give them the best life and bring them up!”

Shen fujun named the four children“Ice Clean Jade”, hope that in the future they can come out of the slim and graceful, ice clean jade.

After leaving the hospital, Shen Fujun embarked on a work trip, in order to earn money to support his family, he had to work several times a day.

The burden of taking care of the child, all pressed on Yang Ping's shoulders.

Taking care of a child is not easy. One child is enough, let alone four.

When the“Ice clean jade”, looks exactly the same, by virtue of the appearance of distinction, simply not realistic.

Sometimes, some children may be fed twice, some children did not feed once.

Did not feed the child, will be hungry to cry, along with the other three children together, noisy people a head three big.

No Way, in order to distinguish four children, Yang Ping specially prepared four small quilt, embroidered on the quilt the name of each daughter.

In this way, when feeding, there will not be feeding the wrong situation.

Is the so-called beginning of everything difficult, skilled, Yang Ping to take care of the“Ice Pure Jade Clean”, not as before so frantic.

Later, the four old men together, and finally from the children rescued Yang Ping.

She was able to go back to work at the factory and earn milk powder money for the company.

Time Flies, the blink of an eye, “Ice jade clean” to the age of four.

They grow up, which is to bring countless joy to the family.

The four sisters have a natural gift for music, and when music comes on TV, they dance to it.

Looking at the“Ice Pure Jade” charmingly naive look, teasing people around laughing, a day of hard work, all gone.

With the growth of age, “Ice clean jade” of dance growing love.

Gradually, the music on TV could not satisfy them.

They looked at every day in the children's Palace of the same age girls, face showing envy.

They also want to be like these girls and go to formal schools to learn dance.

But“Ice jade clean” also know the situation at home, parents for their school has been very difficult, how dare to ask for extra-curricular classes?

So they keep it all in their hearts and don't show it.

But their parents brought them up, “Pure” mind, how can they not see?

Looking at the sensible daughter, they both distressed and tangled, whether the daughter should be sent to the formal dance school to learn dance?

“Although the tuition is a bit expensive, but after all is a hobby, learn well, perhaps the future can rely on dancing for a living.”

Think before and after, Mr. and Mrs. Shen Fujun gritted their teeth, the final decision, “Ice Clean Jade” into the dance class, the systematic study of dance.

But where is the right place to study? On the one hand, tuition fees can not be too expensive.

On the other hand, the quality of school teaching to be perfect, since to learn, we must learn the best, can not delay the child.

After many investigations, a school in Jinan greeted the sight of Mr. and Mrs. Shen Fujun, this school is good in all aspects.

But there is only one point, too far from home, want to learn must live on campus.

At this time, “Ice Jade Clean” four sisters are only 12 years old, let them live alone in Jinan, it is not very practical.

But Shen decided to respect the choice of the four sisters.

One day, the couple called the four sisters together to tell them the truth and let the sisters make their own decisions.

After hearing the news, the youngest Shenjie immediately began to cry.

She didn't want to leave home, much less her parents.

Sister Shen Bing reaction is the smallest, but also with tears in her eyes.

She Will Shenjie embrace in the bosom, softly comfort way.

“Don't worry, the sisters will take care of each other even if they are out of town. They will never let anyone suffer even a little!”

Hearing Shenbing's words, Shenqing and Shenyu were also greatly moved.

The four sisters hugged and encouraged each other.

See the daughters so sensible, Shen Fujun couple this to relax, four sisters sent to Jinan to learn dance.

“Ice Pure Jade is clean” adapt new environment very quickly, it is mother Yang Ping, because can not stand to miss, quit the job came to Jinan.

Yang Ping rented a house near the school, went out to work during the day, back to the rental house at night, in advance to make dinner for four children.

In the mother's company, the sisters support each other, “Ice Pure Jade”, the four sisters grow up gradually, and come out slim and graceful.

At the same time, differences in personality also emerged.

Boss Shen Bing calm personality, there is usually something she made up her mind.

The second Shen Qing introverted personality, always obediently with the sisters.

The third Shen Yu character is simple, is a“Curious baby.”.

Old Four Shenjie lively personality, sisters call her“Small chatterbox.”.

Although their personalities are different, the four sisters are all enthusiastic about dancing.

In order to develop in the dance industry has been going on, the four sisters discussed, will be the goal of the college entrance examination for the Shandong Art Institute.

School is not only close to home, or one of the country's eight art schools, known for dance, is the four sisters in the heart of the ideal school.

In order to enter the Ideal University, the four sisters began to struggle.

Unfortunately, days do not meet people's wishes, on the eve of the college entrance examination, three sister Shenyu had an accident, was scalded left foot boiling water.

The four sisters were walking together on campus when the teacher passed them and the hot water bottle in his hand suddenly exploded.

Caught off guard, Shen Yu left leg was scalded by hot water, especially the left foot scald serious, and soon had a layer of blisters.

Shenyu cried out in pain, Shenbing see the situation quickly carry Shenyu, Shenqing and Shenjie in the help, to the infirmary.

To the infirmary, the Doctor gave Shen Yu a simple bandage.

Although the injury is not serious, but in order to recuperate, the future for a long period of time, Shen Yu can not practice dancing.

This is bad news for Shen Yu.

Now the college entrance examination is coming, their little practice, will be a little behind others, art examination, how to compete with others?

Shen Yu anxious cry, other sisters can not bear to see, have said, will accompany Shen Yu through the difficult times.

Second outstanding cultural class, then find time to Shen Yu remedial homework.

Old four dance well, then take the initiative to accompany Shen Yu training.

The eldest acted as a“Nanny”, contracted the sisters to carry food and water work.

But even so, after the injury, Shen Yu's results or inevitably fell, she was very sad.

On the one hand I feel too stupid, on the other hand I feel delayed other sisters, let down the expectations of the sisters.

But“Ice Pure Jade” grew up together, how can the sisters blame her?

The sisters had made up their minds to go to college together.

Since this year did not pass the examination, at most four people re-read together, the next year together on the university.

The headstrong decision was supported by the parents. As well as believing in their daughters, they also act as their strong backers.

A year later, the four sisters finally arrived at the art test.

In the face of the examination, is the sisters act confident and optimistic, they dress exactly the same, hand in hand into the examination room.

Outside the Examination Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Shen Fujun waited anxiously.

Finally, the four sisters arm in arm out of the examination room, looking at their excited look, Mr. and Mrs. Shen Fujun know, into!

Four sisters with deep, solid dance skills, and eventually conquered the examiner.

In the college entrance examination soon after, the four sisters also played a stable outstanding, and eventually, they walked into the door of the Shandong Art Institute.

On the first day of school, the four sisters joined hands and became a beautiful scenery on campus, attracting the eyes of many students.

They were not only admitted to the same university, but also military training together, and then were assigned to the same dormitory.

In the future college life, the four sisters still go hand in hand, making many people envious.

Today, the four sisters have graduated from college.

With excellent dance skills, they debuted in 2018, formed a“Pea doodle” combination, officially entered the entertainment circle.

In 2020, she also participated in the talent show of the Women's League as a trainee.

In the program, four sisters together, even today, also can not let a person distinguish, in the end who is elder sister who is younger sister.

Because looks really too like, is still talked about.

With the rise of the self-media industry, “Ice Clean Jade” four sisters and enter the self-media industry, began to shoot short videos.

Their story, also can be more widely known.

When they were children, born in an ordinary family, want to achieve their dreams, will face numerous obstacles.

Fortunately, on this road, the four sisters accompanied each other and supported each other to the end.

Believe in the future, the four sisters can still support each other, all the way down.

Continue to shape the legend of the four sisters.

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