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Is public breast-feeding“Shameless” or normal behavior? A lot of people have different opinions!

20 12月
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It is believed that many people in public have seen breastfeeding mothers with their babies, is in the bus, I see the baby holding the woman will take the initiative to get on the bus seat.
Babies who have not yet spoken will cry to express their emotions when they are hungry. But for every mother, in the shortest time, can know the needs of the child.
In public, if a child cries in public, bring him a toy or eat a proper snack so as not to disturb others.
Young children, on the other hand, shout when they are hungry. There was a saying that women were weak. For the health of their children, mothers were willing to do anything. Even in public, they would not hesitate to lift up their own clothes and feed their children.
However, such a move, in public, will attract other people's strange eyes, and even verbal humiliation, was said to be shameless, impolite.
However, in a mother's eyes, her child's body was more important than anything else. She would persist in feeding her child even if she was given a strange look and humiliated by others. This was a very good kind of mother.
So for the screen you, if encounter this kind of thing is how to look at it? Do you think it is right or wrong to breast-feed in public?
Is public breast-feeding"Shameless"? So you can just take a picture of it on Facebook?
Is it shameful for mothers to breast-feed their babies in public? Those who happen to post the friend circle is the high-class people? How do you feel about this?

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