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The birth of boys and girls are really the same? Wrong, in less than 20 years, these gaps are reflec

20 12月
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Many expectant mothers are eager to find out Darling's sex as soon as possible, so they can name the baby, do prenatal care, and prepare clothes.

Boys and girls are precious to their mothers, but many old people, who say"Boys and girls are the same", actually want a"Grandchild".

Many baby fathers also have their own preferences, some want a boy, grow up can take him to play football, play, like a buddy to get along; some want a girl, soft and sweet, and his kiss.


The doctor always comforted her by saying, "Boys and girls are the same. There's no need to guess." In fact, everyone knew that boys and girls were definitely different. The difference was more than just a tiny bit.

Gap 1: Post-natal mothers feel different

Lily had no trọng Nam Khinh nữ thoughts, but when she was pregnant with da Bao, she still hoped that the baby would be a boy.

Although her mother-in-law kept saying, "Boys and girls are the same, they all hurt the same." But she knew that people in the countryside still"Rare" grandsons. Having a boy would be considered a mission accomplished by her.

Now that the country had let go of second and third children, the eldest was usually a son. If young people wanted a 'second child' , they would all hope for a girl. One son and one daughter would add the word 'good' , although they were worried that the second child was still a boy, but the heart is actually no pressure.

On the contrary, the eldest is a girl, want a second child, generally want to give birth to a son. Especially the elderly, more desire.

My colleague Ringling said that when her daughter was born, her grandfather looked like a deflated ball and felt that the food didn't smell good, and that he wouldn't be able to work hard for decades to come.

This time, she was pregnant with a second child. The whole family was full of hope for her belly. She also felt quite a bit of pressure. She prayed that this time, it would be a boy, and she would be able to"Seal the belly" in the future, save the old man has been"Thinking" to let her two children, three children born down.

Gap 2: different parenting styles and input costs

Boys and girls have different biological structures, and they feel that their parents have different parenting styles and levels of worry.

As you can see, the corpus callosum, anterior commissure, and temporal plane are larger in girls than in boys.

The corpus callosum is the neocortical fiber that connects the two hemispheres of the brain and is responsible for the optic nerve; the anterior commissure is responsible for emotion; and the temporal plane is responsible for language perception.

This shows that girls are more observant, more sensitive emotional, language development than boys better, fast, early, and not without reason.

This is also why little boys than little girls, more difficult to manage, more difficult to obey, more let adults worry about, "Waste mother.".

In the large-scale observational variety show, "It's time to go to work! Mom," Chu Chen could tell at a glance in the waiting area for an interview which of the mothers had a"Little princess" and which had a"Little brat.".

The differences in brain structure between boys and girls do contribute directly to the amount of effort parents put into them.

But then again, although the boy put in a lot of energy, but belongs to the"Rough level", belongs to the beat to raise; and girls obedient, sensible, sensitive and delicate, parents are also"Care" of the treatment, also is"Contains in the mouth feared melts, holds in the hand feared falls".

Then, "Poor son rich daughter.". Parents are now investing more in girls' education. The three classes of dance, painting and musical instruments are"Standard", the heart has the spare strength, the family has the financial ability to also hug the taekwondo (to strengthen the body) , the small host (to exercise the courage and the stage performance ability) and so on.

Boys, throw to the football class, basketball class, or running around the mountains to play, accept the nature of"Temper" it.

Gap Three: the cost of marriage is different

Her friend Xiaomin is the second child in her family. There are three sisters in her family. There are no brothers in her family.

When her parents were young, the villagers urged them to have another boy, but her mother refused to give birth.

Now that the three sisters are married and established, her parents are living a good life. The old man was old and he took his driving test, saying that he would take his mother for a drive.

Xiaomin's sister and her mother a village, walking on weekdays convenient; Xiaomin finished college, home for her to graduate students also finished work out to earn money.

From time to time, she took her mother to the city to stay for a few days, a change of place, a change of air, the days passed quickly.

The three sisters take turns to be filial, her parents have little financial pressure and burden, and they look much younger than their peers.

And Xiaomin said, their parents-in-law is not the same. Her husband's family has two boys, her husband's brother has not married to buy a house, her father-in-law dare not idle.

In this city, her mother-in-law to help her take care of the children, her father-in-law to the construction site to do odd jobs, to save money for the second, tired all day long.

Now there are sons in the family, especially in the countryside, the family did not dare to marry a daughter-in-law point. House, car, money, which is not a mountain pressure on the parents, Breathless.

Gap 4: Family Happiness is different

It is said that a daughter is a mother's small cotton-padded jacket, warm and considerate, while the son is leather jacket, beautiful and not practical.

There are one, two daughters at home, when they were young, like a mother's"Doll", was the mother dress up beautiful; A lot of mother and daughter like"Sisters", not only face and figure is not clear, feelings are very good.

Even after the daughter is married, the heart is also with the original family, the heart wants to do filial piety for parents.

Boys, on the other hand, are more or less neurotic. Even though filial piety is mostly a "Foolish filial piety", it seems that they live in a Hitotsu Yane no Shita with their parents. In fact, there are many conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and their parents are not happy either, the"Gap" between mother and child will be wider and wider.

Especially when it comes to old-age care, daughters prefer to stay with their parents rather than send them to a nursing home, while boys simply think that the facilities in the nursing home are very professional and want to send their parents to a nursing home.

You know, at the end of the day, are boys and girls really the same thing? The official answer is the same.

However, such as fish drinking water, warm and cold self-awareness, boys and girls are different individual existence of life, each family also has a different way of raising, personal feelings will be different, how can the same?

The famous German philosopher Karl Jaspers that the essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul summons another soul.

Whether it is boys and girls, the same is, we need to carefully education, cultivate the right outlook, do a useful person in society.

As the saying goes: the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, in fact, is now. Parents who are the first in their children's child discipline are no exception.

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