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Once, to go outside, with the children ran into the ex-boyfriend, did not think he was still adhere

19 12月
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Some time ago, I found out that my son always snores when he goes to bed at night. Sometimes there are symptoms of shortness of breath. I took the child to the hospital to check, the results were found that the child adenoid hypertrophy. The blockage is so severe that the doctor says it needs surgery.

Looking at my son who is not yet 4 years old, I really don't have the heart to let such a small child operate on the knife. I stayed up a few nights after I got home with the kids and looked up a lot of information about the disease on the internet.

Later I saw a lot of bloggers said that the child is also the disease, to a warm and humid place to live for a period of time, the symptoms will be much better. When I see this, I see Hope.

After discussing it with my husband, I decided to give it a try. So I quickly quit my job. Ready to take the children to Hainan. Try living there for a while.

But I did not expect, I arrived in Hainan the second day, unexpectedly met Chen Yue.


②Because I plan to live for a period of time, so I took the children to Hainan after the first thing, is to rent a house.

I saw some good ones on the internet. So I made an appointment with an agent to see the house.

I was originally contacted by a girl. But unexpectedly, she brought another colleague with her.

When I saw the man, I was obviously stunned. It's Chen Yue.

He obviously didn't expect to meet me. Stunned for a few seconds, but quickly recovered professional quality. He hit call out to SB politely and said, “Long time no see.”

With him as an acquaintance, I rented a suitable house on the same day.

Chen Yue helped me pack up briefly, and then helped me move my luggage from the hotel.

In order to thank him, I asked him to dinner, he did not refuse.

Dinner is always a few words, talking about their recent developments over the years. He talked about his experiences over the years. “You see, you were right not to choose me,” he said, suddenly mocking himself. “Otherwise, life wouldn't be what it is now.”

In fact, I did not think of those, but look at him these years still insist on his original want to do. I think, in front of him, really great.

Now, Chen Yue and I in the past, has long become a bygone era. But now think about it, is also a beautiful.

When Chen Yue and I met, we were only 19 years old. Are flowers of the same age, have the same beautiful flowers.

Chen Yue is my college roommate's high school classmate. Because of my roommate, I got to know Chen Yue.

Chen Yue's School is opposite our school. He goes to a 211 school. And I read, is a third-rate private university. A road apart, but far apart.

But that's nothing for two people who want to be together.

We fell in love at first sight, and soon we fell in love.

At that time we love, full of eyes are each other. I Can't wait for the The Hours to stick together.

Most of the students in our school do not do well in their studies, so their work is easy. So I mix in Chen Yue's school every day, he goes to Class I accompany him, he goes to practice, I wait outside to accompany him. When he went to the library, I took a magazine to study with him.

I didn't even know what the inside of my school's library looked like. But I know every corner of Chen Yue's school very well.

We Inseparable each other for so long that a lot of people thought I was a student at their school, too.

In my junior year of winter vacation, I bought my ticket to go home early. But when parting, I was holding Chen Yue said what do not want to let go.

Chen Yue took me no way, he returned his ticket home. Then promise to go back with me. After sending me home, he went back.

I was on cloud nine. Can not think of, my willful act, but almost harm Chen Yue.

Chen Yue decided to send me back at the last minute, but he couldn't buy a train ticket. So the two of US took the bus back.

The night before, we have been talking on the phone until after two o'clock in the morning, the same day at 6 am up to catch the bus, we are serious lack of sleep. Not long after I got on the bus, I fell asleep in Chen Yue's arms.

The weather was bad those days, and it snowed several times in succession. The road is especially slippery. The bus also drove slowly on the road. I half-asleep half-awake eyes to see several times, found that has not yet to the place, they continue to sleep. But unexpectedly, the accident happened not long after.

I was in a daze when I woke up to the screams in the car. Then I felt the car begin to tilt. I subconsciously want to hold on to something. And find nothing to catch. And then there's the Descent. My first thought was that I was going to die. I wasn't going to die here.

I closed my eyes in fear, but unexpectedly felt a force, let me feel at ease. When I opened my eyes again, the car was filled with wailing and crying.

The car turned over and slid off the road because of the Slippery Road. Slipped down the slope.

When the accident happened, it was Chen Yue who held me in his arms and protected me under his body.

In the end, I was only slightly injured, but Chen Yue, but hurt the cervical spine, back was also sharp stab injury. I watched him lose consciousness, blood was still flowing. I was scared out of my mind.

I kept patting his face and calling his name, but I couldn't get any response from him.

At that time I was really scared, looking at so much blood, I thought he was dying. But I don't know how to save him, the only thing I can do is to hold him and cry.

I don't know how long it took before police cars and ambulances came to save us.

Chen Yue was sent to the hospital soon. Fortunately, although he was seriously injured, but in the end, he was saved a life.

Later, when he woke up, I scolded him, how could you be so stupid. What would I do if you died?

He comforted me in turn, he said, he is a man, should have protected girls.

He was lying in bed, unable to move. His face was pale and Gaunt. But I think, at that moment, he was simply awesome.

Chen Yue later told me that when the accident happened, the only thing on his mind was that he couldn't let me get hurt. He would rather die than keep me safe.

At that time, I think, a lifetime, to meet a man like Chen Yue can for me even do not want life, is really my lucky. In this life, I will never be separated from Chen Yue.

But I was determined, but doomed to become a joke.

Chen Yue accident was sent to the hospital, the situation is not good, such a big thing, I really do not know what to do, then quickly called my parents.

After my parents came to the hospital, at their insistence, I contacted Chen Yue's parents. When they heard that their son had had an accident, they came as fast as they could.

They didn't say anything when they learned that their son had come all this way just to send his girlfriend home. But I saw anger in Chen Yue's mother's eyes.

Yes, she hates me. I think, this is also should, because is my insensible. That's why Chen Yue was killed.

In fact, if she scolded me, I may feel better, but she did not say anything, just so hate to look at me.

During the time when Chen Yue was in hospital, I took care of him every day in the hospital. Chen Yue's injury gets better day by day, but Chen Yue's mother's attitude toward me is always very cold.

How to say, she never said a word to me, never scolded me. Can Talk to me, but always alienated polite. A very cold kind of politeness. It's like talking to a stranger.

I was young, but I could see that she didn't like me.

I felt like a child who had made a mistake. Because of my mistake, I did this to his son. How could she be nice to me.

I told myself it was okay. When Chen is better, everything will be fine.

Later, Chen Yue's injury completely recovered. But because of his scarred physique, he had a hideous scar on his back.

He joked what he would do if his wife disliked him in the future.

I was very serious to tell him: “It does not matter, I do not dislike. Will never dislike.”

At that time, I really think, I will marry Chen Yue.

We can live and die together, risking our lives for each other. But in the end can not defeat fate.

Chen Yue University is specialized in measurement and control, I study is the tourism management.

I'm a big fan of the whimsical. For a while, I saw a lot of videos on the Internet. At that time, my biggest wish is that after graduation, to find a poetic town, open a home, and then live a poetic pastoral life.

At that time, I almost every day and Chen Yue described such a beautiful future life.

Over time, Chen Yue was also influenced by me. I especially yearn for that life.

But I was not a long personality at that time, like this today, tomorrow may like something else. After about six months, I started to think it was good to be a travel blogger again. Play all over the world every day. Take beautiful photos and show off delicious food every day. It's a nice life.

I always come up with all kinds of strange ideas in my mind every day, but Chen Yue, he is a very persistent person.

Chen Yue said he did not know what his major was when he signed up for the college entrance examination. Just feel about the score, reported. After college, he couldn't say how much he liked his major, but he didn't feel disgusted.

But since I and he imagine a lot of good ideas about open bed and breakfast, he seemed to find the direction of his life. That's the kind of life he wants.

He began to consult all kinds of materials and collect all kinds of information. He had a poor command of English. But in order to open a hostel, he worked hard to learn English. Finally successfully passed the six levels.

When I was about to graduate from university, it was very easy for me to find a good job in Chen Yue's major. Many of them are state-owned enterprises. But in order to accumulate some experience, he resolutely chose to apply for a five-star hotel to do an internship.

But Chen Yue's choice became his son's Obsessed to me in his parents' eyes.

Knowing that Chen Yue had signed up for the hotel, Chen Yue's mother couldn't help but call me.

She was very emotional on the phone. All kinds of dissatisfaction with me and anger out. Only then did I know that she looked down on me from beginning to end.

In the eyes of Chen Yue's mother, I was never good enough for his son. We two together, I will only drag Chen Yue, become his stumbling block.

But back then, we were in love, we were young, we were Love Me, Love My Money. Think as long as we two firm, parents will one day understand the feelings between us.

Allow Chen Yue's mother to humiliate me, all kinds of ridicule. But I still firmly and Chen Yue together. No power can separate us.

After graduation, I entered a travel company to do the front desk, Chen Yue in five-star hotel intern. We rented a house and lived together.

For a long time, Chen Yue's parents a few from time to time will call, let Chen Yue and I break up, let him quickly change jobs, don't be stubborn.

Every time, Chen Yue would block back.

I didn't want to put him on the spot. I tried to persuade him to change his job. This will at least calm down some of his parents' anger. Anyway, I'm no longer my dream, so why should he?

But Chen Yue told me, is I weave a beautiful future for him. He finally found the direction of his life's efforts. How can you give up so easily.

He hugged me and said to me, wait until the day the hostel opened, we will get married.

But those beautiful ideals, in front of the reality is like a distant landscape. Beautiful, but so far away from you.

I work as a receptionist for a travel company and don't make much money. Although Chen Yue works in a five-star hotel, he is only an intern. The income is also small.

The two of us have a small income to cover our daily expenses and to pay the rent. Life is really stretched thin. At that time, even a KFC meal was a luxury for both of us.

There is no money to live without money, a little frugality, life can always go on.

Chen Yue works in the hotel, every day contact with the guests are either rich or noble. Although he is not very handsome. But because he likes sports, he always keeps a good figure. Another fresh graduate. Professional wear, it will appear more upright posture. He's so charming,

because of his work, he often leaves his phone number for his guests. Occasionally there are some female customers, often in the middle of the night to call him, say something no. Chen Yue dare not offend customers, so they can only be patient and customers deal.

This makes me very uncomfortable. It's not that I don't trust Chen Yue. But the temptations he faced every day were so great that I had to Random Thoughts.

For this, I have no less and Chen Yue make small temper, random temper. Every time, Chen Yue will kindly apologize to me, and then patience to coax me.

⑫In the four years after graduation, Chen Yue went to many different hotels to gain experience. There are all kinds of grades. In order to understand the various aspects of the hotel operation, he worked as a room sweeper and a maintenance worker.

As a result, his income was extremely volatile during those years. High and low. There were even months when he purposely went to work in a hotel that was on the verge of closing. The hotel was living beyond its means and hadn't been paid for months.

Chen Yue's income is not stable, only rely on my salary to maintain the basic expenses, and every month to save a portion of the money to open residential accommodation funds.

I had to change my job in sales. I also got a part-time job.

I am busy every day, Chen Yue's work and need to shift. For a long time, we didn't even see each other for two or three days.

In the past four years, we have moved 6 times, others are moving the better conditions. But the more we moved, the worse it got. The rent is getting cheaper and cheaper.

⑬In those years, Chen Yue's parents' attitude toward me never eased. And my parents are constantly urging me to get married.

As I got older and older, my friends started getting married one after another.

Five years after graduation, my best friend and college roommate is getting married. She is Chen Yue's high school classmate. She asked Chen Yue and me to be her best man and bridesmaids.

I slept with her the night before the wedding. Before going to bed, she chatted with me and asked when Chen Yue and I planned to get married. I shook my head and said I didn't know.

She told me how beautiful our dream of a bed-and-breakfast was. Some of the beauty is not so real. But life is real, daily necessities, where there is so much romance.

She once had an unforgettable love. After graduation, I went to Shenzhen with that man. But in the end he lost his wife and his army.

In the end, she chose to return home, found a stable job, and then married an honest civil servant.

⑭Coming back from her wedding. I've been having mixed feelings.

Before long, the area of the house we had rented was being relocated. Once again, we were faced with the prospect of moving. Looking at the message from the landlord, I really feel tired.

I decided to have a good talk with Chen.

I said to him, “Chen Yue, let's not insist any more.”. You are down to Earth to find a stable job. I work hard, too. Let's not do this anymore. I don't want to go through the trouble of finding a cheap house again and again. Let's forget about the bed-and-breakfast and get married.”

But Chen Yue said to me: “I have tried to now, why give up?”

In those days, I kept trying to persuade Chen Yue. But Chen Yue seems to eat a weight of iron heart. He wouldn't look back.

He began to pack his bags, looking around for a house, ready to move. But look at the shabby tenement. I really don't think I can live like this any longer.

Finally, Chen Yue and I gave an ultimatum. If he insists, we'll break up.

I thought Chen Yue would change. But unexpectedly, he chose to break up.

The future he wants to hold on to, he says, is still in the dark. He doesn't want me to suffer with him any more. He set me free.

⑮After breaking up with Chen Yue, I gave him what little savings we had saved over the years. He insisted at first. He took it in the end, seeing that I was tough.

After hearing that I broke up with Chen Yue, Chen Yue's mother called me and said she wanted me to leave Chen Yue the money to me. I didn't ask for it. I said to her: you hate me or blame me. In the past, I really loved Chen Yue. Once I really want to be with him for the rest of my life.

I quit my job and got a new one. All Chen Yue's contact information has been deleted.

One year after breaking up with Chen Yue, I got to know my later husband, a middle school math teacher, on a blind date arranged by my parents. After six months of dating, I got married.

When I got married, my best friend came to my wedding.

The night before the wedding, we were still living together. She asked me, “Are you really over Chen Yue? If he shows up now, would you still want to be with him?”

I said to her: “If Chen Yue has something now, I need to pay with my life to help him, I will not hesitate to choose to help him.”. But we can't be together. A lifetime is too long to dream, but life goes on.”

⑯In fact, these years, off and on, I can always know some information about Chen Yue. I know he went to Guangxi and then Yunnan not long after the break-up. But I never thought, in this life, even can meet him.

He told me that he really opened the bed and breakfast. He also met a girl who was like-minded to him. The two of them got married. But these two years because of the mask, the home-stay business can not go on. They had to close down the lodgings and run up quite a debt. Now I work here to earn money. Waiting for a chance later, they want to continue to complete the dream.

I really did not expect, Chen Yue is such a persistent person. For so long.

Although he is a little unhappy now, but I am really happy for him.

It is really rare for a person to have such a goal to persist in his life.

Difficulties will pass. We will all have a bright future.

Life is long, the rest of life, their well-being.

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