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Women with large breasts are more likely to get breast cancer? Is this really a reminder: these 6 ca

19 12月
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Zhang, 28, discovered a small lump in her left breast four years ago. It didn't hurt, and she didn't take it seriously after hearing that breast hyperplasia is very common.
Before long, Ms. Zhang married and gave birth. During pregnancy, Ms. Zhang's breasts had obviously grown quite a bit, but her breasts had always been considered large among her peers, so they did not cause any alarm, just consider it a normal sign of breast swelling during pregnancy.
It was not until after the baby was born that Ms. Zhang became alert to the fact that her left breast mass had grown significantly, even protruding from the skin.
After a series of tests, however, Ms. Zhang's tumor was an invasive ductal carcinoma of the right breast, and because of the delay, the tumor was more than 12 centimeters in diameter. After the double mastectomy after surgery, although Ms. Zhang saved a life, but postoperative recovery can only rely on her husband, the husband also quit his job to take care of her wholeheartedly.
Six months later, the family finally can resume their daily life, but the result of the husband filed for divorce, saying she is no longer complete, it is difficult to look her in the eye.
Ms. Zhang do not understand, clearly before and after the husband has been dedicated to take care of themselves, then also did not have any dislike, why is now facing the situation of marital breakdown? Close relatives have heard about this matter, have to dissuade, but eventually two people or regret the divorce.
Since then, Ms. Zhang has been feeling very low self-esteem, and even not willing to go out, but hiding at home to do this kind of handmade jewelry online sales. She has always believed that the cause of all this is because she had breast cancer, and had both breasts removed.
Breast cancer, known as the“Pink Killer,” is a serious threat to women's health. Especially for some patients who need to face the removal of both breasts, it is a deep blow, that women face breast cancer treatment, only“Cut the breast” this choice? Is there any other way to recover from a mastectomy?
Women with large breasts are more likely to get breast cancer?
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in China. The incidence of breast cancer is increasing year by year.
Breast cancer is a malignant tumor of mammary gland epithelium (ductal or lobular epithelium) , which is a multi-stage and multi-step evolution process, and is affected by many factors for a long time, causes the mammary gland epithelial cell mutation, the canceration, the development and the metastasis, finally evolves the breast cancer.
Is breast size really related to breast cancer?
Professor Wang Shusen, of the National Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Hospital, said there was not enough evidence to suggest that people with large breasts were more likely to develop breast cancer, it is not the size of the breast, and breast cancer is derived from the breast epithelium, the two cases are not related.
So what are the risk factors for breast cancer? The incidence of breast cancer mainly concentrated in the age of 40-45 years, and the following categories of people, the incidence of the general population is 1.3 to 3 times.
1. Genetics and family history: immediate family members with breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer have a higher risk of breast cancer;
2, menstrual period: menarche less than 13 years old, or menopause later than 50 years old;
3. Childbirth and lactation: women whose first child is over the age of 35 or 40 who are not pregnant, who have had repeated abortions and who have not breastfed after giving birth;
Diet: diet preference for high-fat, high-protein, high-calorie foods, or excessive body fat;
5. History: the patients with repeated exposure to radiation and atypical hyperplasia of mammary glands;
6. Bad Lifestyle: smoking and staying up late.
Two, four symptoms in the chest. Watch out for the Pink Slayer
Early detection of breast cancer cure rate is very high, 5-year survival rate of up to 80% . Even before the onset of breast cancer, the chest may have a hint, but many people are ignored.
Breast enlargement
Breast enlargement and increase in fat, or taking certain drugs, pregnancy, resulting in increased levels of female pregnancy, can also cause breast enlargement.
But if one side of the breast becomes larger, if you feel a lump, if the texture of the breast becomes hard and thick, if you feel pain in the breast, be aware that there may be a tumor in the breast.
2. Breast swelling
Most women experience menstrual pain due to increased levels of stimulation and stimulation of breast tissue. But if after menstruation, pain still has not disappeared, or one side of the breast fixed area pain, while secretions, breast changes, and so on, you should be vigilant may be caused by cancer pain.
3. Nipple discharge
Some women have nipple discharge in the first few weeks of pregnancy or during lactation, but don't worry if they don't have breast pain. But if the secretions in both sides of the breast have, blood, brown, yellow-green, even if there is no squeeze, but also a large number of secretions flow out, and even with pain, pus smell, and so on, to cause vigilance.
Skin changes
Under the influence of hormone, the color of melanin precipitate areola has liver disease, but if the color of areola becomes obviously darker in a short period of time, or accompanied by itching and dimple sign, Orange Peel-like, be on the lookout for skin changes that may be caused by a tumor invading the lymphatic vessels.
When these abnormalities occur, we should carry out X-ray and b-ultrasound screening as early as possible to accurately determine whether breast malignant lesions caused.
Three, got breast cancer, must you have a mastectomy?
Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in the world and in China. In our country, about 400,000 to 420,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The incidence of breast cancer increases by 2% to 4% .
Breast cancer research has never stopped, and a new study published recently at JAMA Oncology, from the University of Washington School of Medicine, says it has developed an experimental vaccine for breast cancer.
The vaccine EGFR a strong immune response to human breast cancer without causing other side effects, and may be used to treat painless types of breast cancer.
The breast vaccine is still in the experimental stage, but the current treatment for breast cancer, is still based on surgery. Does that have breast cancer, must carry on the surgery to remove completely? In fact, whether total resection is mainly based on the size of the tumor to determine, the general tumor is small, are the priority to consider breast-conserving surgery.
Even if a mastectomy is performed, there are now breast reconstructions, which can be classified as“Immediate reconstruction” and“Delayed reconstruction”, with the former performed at the same time as the mastectomy; In the latter, reconstruction is performed 6 months or more after the mastectomy.
Therefore, do not delay breast cancer, but also to protect breast health daily, learn to self-examination, preferably in each and every 10-14 days after the menstrual period, a careful examination of the breast situation, there is no shape change, swelling and pain, etc. .
At ordinary times to develop regular rest and regular exercise habits, it is recommended that women should do a breast b-ultrasound check-up every year, even if found abnormal.
Breast cancer is not a terminal illness, and women do not need to delay surgery because of psychological difficulties. With advances in medicine, even a mastectomy can restore confidence, which is a key component of cancer treatment, rather than a physical disability.

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