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Women sit the whole process of confinement, men see what kind of feeling, look at these

19 12月
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As mothers, women become more emotionally sensitive, especially during the most difficult period of confinement. For example, abdominal pain, breast pain, postpartum low back pain, not sleeping well, wound tearing pain, marital conflict, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflict, newborn crying, helpless frustration, depression and so on.

Girls to the mother, although pregnant for 10 months, but in fact there is a great physical leap, this process is in urgent need of outside love and help, once there is no encouragement from others, that more than 80% will self-denial. Even break down crying emotional instability, encounter small things can break.


Moreover, not all mothers get their milk right after giving birth. Some mothers don't have enough milk. Darling is hungry and self-repressed. So it is necessary for lactation, massage to dredge the mammary gland, is to let the amount of milk secretion increase a little, and the pain of massage unspeakable.


Women in the whole process of confinement, men do not see Heart Attack! A set of diagrams details

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