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The baby did not bubble in the amniotic fluid, why the ear won't get water?

19 12月
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As we all know, the fetal growth and development in the womb, the body is immersed in amniotic fluid, so many people have a lot of doubts about the survival of the fetus this form. After all, if we are immersed in water for a long time, the body's skin will appear swollen, white problem, but not the fetus.


And, usually take a shower when the hair, a careless water will flow into the ears, very comfortable, then why the baby in the amniotic fluid, the ears are not water? Why can the baby immerse in amniotic fluid for a long time and no problem?

First, Darling grows and develops in her mother's womb, in amniotic fluid from the start, and as her body develops, so does the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb. As a result, the baby's body and facial spaces are all developed by soaking in amniotic fluid, and we can see that Darling's ears, mouth, nose, and even lungs are filled with amniotic fluid rather than air.

In this regard, we can imagine Darling living in amniotic fluid as we now live in the air, that is, it is not that Darling does not have water in his ears, but that he is not afraid of water. By the time Darling is born, the amniotic fluid in the body will be expelled as the birth canal is squeezed, and when the baby starts breathing on its own, the air in the lungs will be squeezed and the rest of the amniotic fluid will be expelled.

Similarly, the amniotic fluid in the ear can be squeezed out of the body due to pressure problems, leaving little residue in the ear canal. Also, if the amniotic fluid is not cleared after Darling is born, it is a very dangerous thing, and there is a risk of infection, so doctors and nurses will also examine darling after Darling is born, make sure there is no amniotic fluid in your baby's body or ears.

In fact, in our daily life, only a small stream of water will enter the ear canal inside, usually when we swim, even without earmuffs, because the air pressure inside and outside the ear canal is different, air in the ear will also form air chambers to prevent water from entering the ear, as long as the internal and external pressure is not destroyed, it is difficult for water to enter the ear.

As an important part of fetal environment, amniotic fluid plays an important role in fetal development:

1. give the fetus room to grow

The growth of the fetus in addition to the body volume changes, there will be daily activities in addition to the need, which is why pregnant women can feel the fetal movement in the middle and late. But the amniotic fluid's existence can give the fetus enough growth activity space, is helpful for the fetal body development.

2. Keep the uterine environment at a constant temperature

As a mammal, human body needs constant temperature to survive normally, and amniotic fluid, as an insulating medium, can provide a relatively stable and steady state for the fetus, reduce the impact of external temperature changes. Fetal body temperature can be maintained at a normal constant temperature level, the body's metabolism will be stable.

Maintain fetal fluid balance

Darling in the womb, the body's fluid balance relies on amniotic fluid to regulate itself, such as swallowing amniotic fluid when the baby is dehydrated, if the baby too much water in the body, you can pass urine way of water back to the amniotic fluid, in order to maintain a stable fluid balance.

Protect the fetus from harm

The fluid is denser than air, so it cushions the force of the outer part of the body, preventing the fetus from being harmed. If the pregnant mother's belly accidentally by the bump, surrounded by amniotic fluid protection, can be the fetus to minimize the impact.

Important: amniotic fluid is the main environmental component of fetal growth and development, so the fetal body is full of amniotic fluid, the ear is naturally not afraid of amniotic fluid into the body after birth, amniotic fluid is squeezed out of the body. And amniotic fluid for the fetus, can give fetal growth activity space, keep constant temperature state, help the fetus to maintain fluid balance, but also play a buffer to protect the role.

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