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No rules of the family, more terrible than poverty, how to let children form habits from an early ag

19 12月
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A good family style is the most valuable wealth of a family!

Mencius said: "No rules, not a square circle."

All things in the world, there are rules, rules, is a principle, but also a sense of proportion.

As the so-called state law, family rules, whether the country or individuals are inseparable from the rules.

If there are no rules, it is easy to get into trouble; if there are no rules, it is easy to fall apart; if there are no rules, it is easy to fall apart.

Rules, is everyone's life required lessons, a person to succeed, need to abide by the rules, a family want to thrive, need more rules.


Freedom with rules is called vivacity

Freedom without rules is impudence

The child discipline says:

Freedom with rules is called liveliness; freedom without rules is called impudence; freedom without impudence is called discipline; and freedom without rules is called dullness.

In life, there are many parents will think that the rules will bind the child's character, to kill the child's nature, but do not know, no rules of freedom is precisely the culprit of the destruction of children.

On February 9,2019, a mother placed her child on a dangerous railing so that she could better see the giant panda. The child fell into the feeding pool.

Fortunately, a few pandas just curious onlookers, and did not do harm to the little girl's behavior, otherwise the consequences can not be imagined.

Such parents in life is also countless, no sense of their own security, more do not understand the importance of rules.

You know, the rules seem to be a constraint, in fact, is a protection, ignoring the rules, is equivalent to disregard for life.

As parents, we need to set an example while teaching our children the importance of rules.

In a foreign country, a little boy shopping in the supermarket, repeatedly hit the man in front of the leg with a shopping cart, but the little boy's mother was oblivious to the scene before her eyes.

Finally, the man Intolerance and poured a bottle of milk directly on the boy's head. The boy burst into tears.

A writer once said:

The shortcomings of children are not to be feared. The terrible thing is, as the parents of children's life guide, they lack the correct concept of parenting and child-rearing methods.

If parents do not know how to educate their children, the children caused not only psychological harm, but also the children's life is not responsible.

The world's richest man, Bill Gates, has also said that one of the most important duties of a parent is to set rules for their children when they are young.

No rules do not become a circle, parents want to give their children a bright future, the most can not be ignored, is the rules of education.

Good children are carefully educated by their parents, while bad children are indulged and spoiled by their parents.

As parents, may be blindly tolerant of children, but society will never spoil children.

The mistakes that are covered up and buried, like a time bomb, are hidden in the body of a child, and one day the child will suffer the consequences.

You Can't bear to set rules for your children,

someone will teach him a lesson in the future

As the old saying goes, "Three years old look small, five years old look old.".

What a child will look like when he is three, and what he will look like when he is five.

Therefore, want to raise a good child, must start from a young age, is the so-called trees do not repair not straight walk, people do not repair not good, only from a young age to discipline, grow up to understand the truth, right and wrong.

If the choice of no bottom line to meet the children, do not teach the children sensible, know the rules, ultimately destroyed the child is their own.

There is such a news, a father and children in the restaurant, the children noisy, the neighbor kindly brought peanuts to discipline the children, parents not only do not stop but also threatened each other.

After that, the kid became even more aggressive. He spat in the other party's poached fish. After several provocations, the other party took out a knife and stabbed the parents to death. He also suffocated the kid in the poached fish.

After investigation, it turned out that the two men are wanted criminals, who also bear a human life.

"The collection of Xunzhi Zhai," wrote: "Love his son and do not teach, is also not love; teach and not good, is also not to teach

If parents do not give their children the right education, reluctant to set rules for their children, then naturally someone will help him learn a lesson.

In a family, the rules are like the steering wheel of a racing car. Once it loses direction, it may fail, or"Crash and die."

In a video posted on people's daily online, a child suspected of wire fraud cries with his mother.

Video, the mother said: "I can not teach you, the society to teach you, the society can not teach, is the Public Security Bureau, the court to teach you."

Mother's word a sentence really let a person heart, the world, the most pitiful than the world parents heart.

But as a parent, childhood love children, not a good education, grow up to teach already too late.

"Yan family instructions," said: "The father and son of the strict, no sex; the love of flesh and blood, no Jane. Jane is filial piety do not accept, then slow Yan sex

As parents, we must be good and stubborn, only to set good rules for children, in order to let them know what can be done, what can not be done.

Rules, is the children's life"Umbrella", know the rules, the children abide by the rules, to move towards a bright and broad future.

A family can not thrive without rules

People often say: "Rich but three generations, poor but three generations."

Whether poor or rich families need good family rules, all through the ages, all the prosperous families, have their own rules.

In the late Qing dynasty, the family of Zeng Guofan, one of the most important ministers in the Qing dynasty, for more than 200 years, there was no "Black Sheep" in the descendants of the Zeng family for eight generations, precisely because of its unique family rules.

Education and his"Yan family instructions" are the key reasons why the Yan family can continue to prosper for 500 years.

A generation of sage Confucius, the Kong family, has been passed down for 2,500 years, precisely because of its "Poetry and etiquette" family style.

Etiquette, that is, the rules, do not abide by the rules, why adult.

Guo Jingjing, the famous Olympic diving queen, is also very strict about rules. In an interview, Guo Jingjing said of his children:

"The boy's grandfather often comes to visit him while he is studying, but I always let him finish his homework before I play with him."

Guo Jingjing was never sloppy in this matter, and in her mind this was the rule.

As an athlete, Guo Jingjing knows the importance of rules, so when she teaches her children, they naturally follow them.

You know, rules, is the root of child care, rules, but also the sign of adulthood, only let children abide by the rules, know the rules, can let them thrive.

The true rule is the rule of love, the true love is love with rules.

So as a parent, you must teach your child a few rules of daily behavior to avoid future losses:

1. When you see your elders, be sure to take the initiative to greet them. 2. The elders give things, must go to receive with both hands. 3. When eating, be sure to wait until the elders first chopsticks, then start. Four. When eating, not picky, not waste food, not chirp mouth, not knock chopsticks. 5. Be sure to eat with your mouth, don't eat with your mouth, take food into the mouth, rather than using the mouth to find food. 6. The hand does not hold the bowl poor one life, shakes the leg to shrug the shoulder to destroy three generations, eats the meal to have the appearance, can not shake the leg to shrug the shoulder, the hand also must hold the bowl. Seven. When you go out, don't make a noise in the crowd, so as not to affect others.

"There are rules in everything," Han Feizi once said

Yan Zun also said: "The heart such as rules, ambition such as scale, calm as water, integrity as rope."

Do not feel there are rules of the child suffer loss, is the so-called dragon swim shallows by shrimp play, the dragon is a dragon, one day to the world and the sea.

There are rules and principles of children can better walk in the world, the loss of principles and rules of the children, also lost the foundation of the foothold.

A psychologist once said: "Sow behavior, harvest habits; sow habits, harvest character; sow character, harvest fate."

Rules in the invisible affect the fate of each of us, a family want to have a good future, must be inseparable from the rules.

There are rules even if the poor family will become rich, because of fear, no rules even if the rich family will be ruined, because the family is not right.

A good family style is the most valuable wealth of a family!

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