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The essential knowledge about baby's dental health from teething to tooth decay

17 12月
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Is the child tooth comes out late calcium deficiency? How should do?

When do you start brushing your child's teeth? What if the kids don't brush their teeth properly?

How do you prevent tooth decay? What If it happens?

How Do You Choose Your Child's toothpaste and toothbrush?

Is flossing really necessary? Is it necessary to visit the dentist regularly?

Parents have a lot to worry about, too, when it comes to their children's teeth.


This issue, stupid father on the combination of domestic and foreign authorities of the research data, to share some knowledge about the baby's dental health.

Table of contents


1, the baby teething late, teething order is not how to do?

2, baby teething discomfort how to do?

2. Dental protection

1. At what age should your baby brush his teeth? How to brush his teeth properly?

2. How Do I Choose My Baby's toothbrush and toothpaste?

Tooth decay

These habits can lead to tooth decay

These methods can prevent tooth decay


1, the baby teething late, teething order is not how to do?

On average, Darling's first teeth appear about six months old, and the average time it takes for all of them to appear is 2.5 years.

However, there are individual differences in teething time, and genetic, feeding, endocrine and other factors related. Earlier babies teething at about 4 months and later at about 1 year of age.

Usually, a baby tooth doesn't sprout until Darling is 13 months old, so you have to go to the hospital and find out why.

Some mothers believe that Darling's delay in teething is due to a lack of calcium, but in fact, the tooth germs of baby teeth are already formed in the fetus. After Darling is born, the baby teeth are already hidden under the gums, and calcium supplementation does not cause the teeth to sprout earlier. Moreover, the normal feeding of the baby generally will not lack of calcium.

In short, Darling is still teething at less than 1 year of age, so there's no need to rush and take calcium supplements, as long as the teething is within the normal time frame (no more than 13 months) , there is no special significance of early and late emergence, and no need to compare with other babies.

The baby's teething order is usually the following picture, left and right symmetry at the same time eruption.

However, the order of teething was not absolute. Some babies“Didn't follow the rules”. Jumping out, reversing out, one by one, were not abnormal either. As long as they had 20 teeth in the end, the baby's mother would not have to worry.

Darling typically has all his 20 baby teeth by the age of 21/2, and later at age 3.

If the baby more than 3 years of age still not long all 20 baby teeth, it is recommended to go to the hospital for X-ray, check whether the congenital absence of baby teeth.

2, baby teething discomfort how to do?

Some babies may experience discomfort during teething, such as drooling, swollen gums, loss of appetite, and irritability. Here are some ways to help darling relieve the discomfort:

First of all, early teething baby saliva will increase, need to wipe and wear saliva towel, keep the baby mouth around dry, to prevent saliva stimulation of the skin leading to redness and itching.

Second, Darling teething is often accompanied by gum discomfort, baby mothers can use clean fingers, finger pads, wet towels, gently massage darling gums, ease, but also help teething and cleaning the mouth.

In addition, bites can also massage the gums to ease discomfort, you can give your baby to prepare a clean gum (ice effect is better) , cold spoon, grinding stick, etc. , let your baby safely bite.

To remind is, in the choice of molar bar should pay attention to the list of ingredients, there is no additional flavor, free sugar, salt and other unnecessary ingredients. Also pay attention to hardness, if the grinding rod is easily crushed, there may be a risk of asphyxiation.

(P.S. . Carrots, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables, while also useful for grinding teeth, can be chewed off by darling and cause swallowing, choking or even asphyxiation, and should not be given to darling.)

Finally, some babies may experience a slight increase in temperature during teething, but it usually does not exceed 38 ° C, and physical cooling is sufficient.

If the baby's body temperature continues to be above 38 ° C, it can not be simply thought of as“Teething fever”, to consider the bacteria, virus infection and other causes of disease, should be treated as soon as possible to avoid delay the condition.

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