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11 01月
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06 01月
Even if your grandson looks exactly like your mother? My Mother-in-law complained that she was not a

The eccentricity of the elders is very harmful to the children's mind! The two mothers-in-law shared that, of the two childr...

05 01月
A boy of 10 years old was diagnosed with white lung, remind: after Yang Kang, there are 3 kinds of c

Some time ago, there was no fear of the Omnicron strain, and most people felt that it was now an upper respiratory disease, just...

05 01月
Can sanitary napkins be used as diapers for babies? Do this in case of emergency with a baby at home

In life, we always encounter some emergencies, such as the baby's diapers are no longer available, and the child needs to we...

04 01月
An epidemic let everyone know the importance of children, do not give birth to old really very sad

This epidemic has taught many people the importance of having childrenAfter this epidemic, many people have figured out how mise...

04 01月
Parents who are always consumed by trivial things are the root cause of misfortune in the family of

A few days ago saw the news # sister spilled soup pot 5-year-old sister's legs were burned # , sister did not realize her si...

19 12月
Women sit the whole process of confinement, men see what kind of feeling, look at these

As mothers, women become more emotionally sensitive, especially during the most difficult period of confinement. For example, ab...

19 12月
The baby did not bubble in the amniotic fluid, why the ear won't get water?

As we all know, the fetal growth and development in the womb, the body is immersed in amniotic fluid, so many people have a lot...