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19 12月
19 12月
No rules of the family, more terrible than poverty, how to let children form habits from an early ag

A good family style is the most valuable wealth of a family!Mencius said: "No rules, not a square circle."All things i...

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19 12月
How many children can a woman have in her lifetime without contraception? When the Doctor gave the a

Fanfan, 23, became an elementary school teacher after graduation because she liked children. By the time she got married, Fanfan...

17 12月
The essential knowledge about baby's dental health from teething to tooth decay

Is the child tooth comes out late calcium deficiency? How should do?When do you start brushing your child's teeth? What if t...

17 12月
What do I need to pay attention to during pregnancy for my little one?

Many pregnant women are very nervous when they are pregnant, especially when they are in their pre-pregnancy bodies. There will...

17 12月
A month to sleep, February cry three months it, learn the right parenting methods, easy to control t

The baby has just been born, the baby mothers are very worried about the baby's various problems, especially in eating, drin...

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17 12月
What should we do? We have children. Do these 3 things well. It's important!

Since it was completely unsealed,the colleagues and friends around them have all sent the news that they or their family members...

17 12月
Baby cold and hot accumulation of food are working, do not try these four emergency methods

If I were to choose one of the Chinese herbs that is universally suitable for babies' "deficient cold" constitutio...

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16 12月
16 12月
Parental perception: Is it right to respect your child's own ideas and choices?

Every mother wants her child to be outstanding and excellent, but will you be angry if the child who is burdened with parents...